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Recipe - Eggplants in marinade from видеокулинария.рф the Grandmother Emma  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today cook eggplant to 1 from 1 pour the first drive to the country and collect ripe peppers and eggplant one cottage is not here It goes to the market and buys on eggplant carefully to my set fire pan and pour and 4 liters of water and add 4 tablespoons size two kilogram
  • 00:30: Eggplant cleaned from peduncle boiling salted water laying eggplant entirely and cook, covered 15 after 15 minutes eggplant ready We put them in bowl and reserve cool down until eggplant
  • 01:00: cool 5 bulbs and thinly shinkuem Finely chop one bundle pen prepare marinade cup blender put peeled garlic one head grind add half 2 tablespoons of salt tablespoons sugar and 50 milliliters of 5 percentage of vinegar and
  • 01:30: 150 grams sunflower or any other vegetable oil whisk cooled eggplant cut into circles thickness about 1 centimeter laid in a row in a jar or in bowl pan strew
  • 02:01: chopped onion and and finely chopped ploshechku gently pour and so we continue to As long as all eggplant will not end visit our website you can cook many simple but very delicious black
  • 02:31: inspiration to you and good luck pour the remains cover with marinade and we place a plate oppression ship in Refrigerate for Odessa a day Put the salad bowl decorate and serve to so pleasant appetite