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  • 00:00: All the good time day dear friends Today I would like to raise the issue of Finish the lesson that is, how to make so show maximally our structure Wood to our hilt and began to play completely new and burnt his finishing the form to you have the means I usually I use these purposes of this shellac Danish butter oil floor to and carnauba wax let's detail
  • 00:30: of these materials start shellac a person is an alcoholic solution natural varnish flakes Balak natural origin we get to result when use Now I have cat like time we get beautiful structure beautiful wood glossy look or
  • 01:02: dull it all depends on your desire and finish by the way is very shellac well polished even just a hand after its complete dry just stand and go third arm hand rubbed up the required form that still it should be noted shellac poorly kept sharp edges so we are for the edge little grind rounded to that there are no sharp
  • 01:33: faces before begin to apply slag necessary apply primer primer as a primer Here I used Poloka oil can use teak oil left some other for the convenience of our work is usually somewhere four or five layers applied here According to the knife, I do not I remember about six
  • 02:04: layers shellac, and it did not cause until he got the result of which I I also want to wish notice that I Golden shellac it there are even more ie brown result respectively, will be a little different so on the Danish butter Danish oil is very good material very good impregnation, in principle, no special
  • 02:35: preparatory work it does not require the only thing that under it, I finish I am trying to do finish either 1000 2000 legally nazhdachki way for shellac, in principle, enough after 800 grit we fully impregnated is June 4 layers of Danish oil at least three sure it
  • 03:05: written instruction we Here we get a The result I go to hand. glossy polished shiny unfortunately by carnauba wax in I do that example no value on their hands so it is not here
  • 03:35: this on the knife which I am now manufactures I'll show you result Karnak gloss yet I would say passed material I no longer used and I would advise you use for beautiful some hilts it linseed oil here that's how brusochek just soaked green oil that is, after Downs Cured
  • 04:05: he becomes like plastic hard not feedwater becomes more but heavy and brush but with prolonged after a long time but also for the oil it flushes the structure we have over time Now it's all beauty that we now there is simply disappear and It will become increasingly blurred
  • 04:35: more uniform so he is no longer you do not use I advise you to use a but also for oil some beautiful sticks know that for the finish here I just zagotovochka knife yet has not than not impregnated like you can see it already glitters is glossy look finish here two thousand grid you see so
  • 05:15: Now I am all sodium Oil for sex to after its complete drying the water it already do applying Karnak wax let's make this the whole process is not not to delay increase video Well kazhu finish mines and or as a result of apply carnauba wax the process was already Turn on the camera passed
  • 05:46: night stick register in oil Floor to acquired Here is such a species as you see manifested texture I became more expressive Now picture left grate it's all carnauba wax am Now we are done
  • 06:18: Stick handling result can to see them to see themselves handle has become even more glossy appearance so here it is now all He looks at it all I hope you had interesting yet