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  • 00:00: in Ukraine formed liberal fascism a union of oligarchs Nazis Bandera inmost criminals and war criminals impossible from watching how heavy military
  • 00:31: Equipment in the Turks and southeast shell not only the city but also hospitals and schools health centers shelling our compatriots our gathering this lawlessness after Europe domination Fascism was not on the our open spaces watch from this is not possible because what happens at our borders It is going on
  • 01:01: territory that historically we had friendly with people whom we We have one thing in common story yesterday Russia 1 first called them criminals military criminals and they only attach their hair hair popular the patriotic Union these estimates is full military criminals who give orders to those orders are without crime
  • 01:31: statute of limitations we insist on it that each of these crimes Each order is given and the current is so called leaders at Ukraine was investigated fully investigated and opened as criminal case we need to address all international money plant today even idle Security Council coolly watches for those that occur in the southeast Ukraine when such
  • 02:01: events occurred Middle East Baltic states and even Balkans they react today there is no reaction because they are collaborators of this criminal regime doing everything necessary for to unleash on the borders of Russia a large and well with brotherly people itself fraternal Ukrainian people trapped in a trap and is heavy losses as a Finance and Economics
  • 02:33: and morally political character we believe the president has a right given to him this right State think Federation Council take a number principal making in the first it is necessary to present a actual than Atum those who today fills this carnage in Kiev right behind Vitim we appreciate your as military action crimes against I am turned on a criminal case and
  • 03:03: bringing it to an end no matter where you were whenever it is not It happens at any case restless old age they will be provided for many years another hand we have every right to protect their compatriots to accept the de facto Donetsk and Lugansk they republic We held a full-fledged they referendum They expressed their will and they are entitled as a our neighbors to such support and protection we
  • 03:33: We believe that organization United nations no longer accepted decision than when the participation of Russia unmanned area we We have every right to Security Council members declare a no-fly zone on this territory and encourage so that any objects military that appear on the area were eliminated because that considered as they are from the aircraft shot of the city
  • 04:03: and civilians look at the face old and his eyes children impossible without shuddering and horror on the other hand, we We have every right de facto recognizing the republic provide a border control which It helps everyone to go out and especially children old men and women have at least it will be enough strength and local funds people absolutely
  • 04:33: fully maintain such solve other kind we do not just hand demonstrated their stories of solidarity national patriotic when the forces of fascism and eager to power in Spain, together with other nations they fought for the foot our volunteers It provides the necessary help and believe that volunteers Russian Federation and especially those who have to do good revenue and
  • 05:03: school held its while the church who do not once he has been hot points could provide the necessary assistance to those who were there desperate brave board voltage on the other hand, each of us must realize and understand that Bendera hands all this scum mercenaries do not lead to war south-east of Ukraine this war is Americans announced Russian Federation becoming larger scale and
  • 05:33: essentially It turned genocide people who He lives in the the territory we have seen that was not in Odessa gets no investigation of the fact no proper evaluation and we fully understand that any patriot which is southeast voted for independence tomorrow, this power will carry price prosecuted and carrots prevent such absolutely not other hand, if all this to Banderas
  • 06:03: Nazi gang come to our borders assure you the day after tomorrow will provocation endless and in Crimea then the adjacent launch areas from it's 70th anniversary Ukraine's liberation and Belarus from fascism does unforgivable make mistakes to fascism today He is dictating its terms in Ukraine south-east we all we have no
  • 06:33: moral right we insist situation to be immediately considered by the council security and were accepted comprehensive measures