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  • 00:00: we start with you although in fact the money actually become much the more we begin to What to say about the transformation of our nearest ancestors man this simple formula appearance additional wishes its reduction over anything everything else on the same principle that is all intermediate phase development limitation additional wishes until it grows up captivity level we come off
  • 00:30: the nearest ancestor there however, also have men and female male and female they have a mating pairing them instinct tie each other for a short time they do not have any special experiences that they could feel no pleasure there otherwise they would not You could live in them simple desires easy filling there is a breath of sleep saving yourself integrity of all
  • 01:01: nothing else well, continued living matter of time longer and we let and we have get special times during the first additional wishes What is additionally where talk of food it occurs in our mental which consists of which of two primary urge of life death on March disaster section of the murder
  • 01:31: there is and sexual swan there treatment longer but additionally and as relief food as well as in the treatment of burn This two in one it is also becoming but also more and out of balance and creates a special attraction is not like monkey to monkey but still it is Though wounded the person he wants to much more here out of balance and naturally receives pleasure
  • 02:02: before pleasure very important and significant but not as as a modern People do not respond national ties special animal feeling satisfaction and male orgasm but yet it still quite differently growing desire and the possibility of satisfaction
  • 02:32: but also decreases longer and compared with grain getting delivered more pleasure but aversion the reverse side the dark side of our of false strong girl enters its right culture creature emotionality and where periodically that Despres due to moze sexual emotional sexually that It does not create a child
  • 03:02: as animals and the connection between the male and female secondary baby 50 thousand years culture nothing else there is sexual the only difference book or the next stage of this restriction leather limits regulates the set see caves or create we already have it is not mating at Food culture is already although not pairing food culture from
  • 03:33: something extra the desire and the restriction on his skin that is limitation primary desires regulation sex pycelle important respects Girl seeks to to sexual relations to of sexual intimacy a man for creation Telecommunications prices for take off to fuck state of feeling security and security for stress relief creating rereadings from an emotions but not for the purpose of birth of a child accumulating all 1 whole and me this sign between male and
  • 04:05: female humans and create additional incredible Fincher It is becoming more and more emotional bipedal even far emotional but resentment even no core m and figures feel jealous and envy for each 1 hour It works on intact each part operates on the whole, and so we raise secondary Drach sexually definitely
  • 04:35: primary sex Now that's a secondary it is not any where they gave birth to him is his rushing on the female even not thinking about girls boys will no he did not he thinks he wants it woman before a man not fully man without sensation from out their individual he wants to others the woman is at least one HIV and the need to and when he gets it say a huge
  • 05:05: pleasure and suffering when he does not but getting to this day sitting on the bob truck sufferers without a woman aig island oh all women hate not on I see why because let us suffer my woman to couch where he sits give and get it you lust implementation of lust will stand on knees before women's water, too
  • 05:35: they change their signs became not Bad Girls and patron saint like that's all it is very just our thoughts our lack of our desire determines as if our consciousness which is very conditionally only rational nutshell