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  • 00:00: this pattern It called sultan binding rapport is 4 loop this means you need to dial the number multiple loops four I will knit 5 cars have 20 comfort loops I will recruit and He added one loop in the end of the set, and so I do first loop and dial Twenty-one loop of February 1 3 4 5 6 and so on all 21 and so I gained
  • 00:30: chain of 20 1 air hinges now I need to 3 Air bind loop to climb two three releasing the corner and in next knitting column one then sc provyazyvayu 2 aerial loops and here is another knit 1 column one sc ie here at I first element
  • 01:01: then omit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 and 4 again see the same element that is, a column and then two air loops and again column now I have two element and this data elements needed dovyazat until the end between the elements in
  • 01:31: I have 3 air loops should paid 23 respectively then I did I miss linked so much I five elements and now I need to tie the rim this series that is miss two loops and the last I knit a column with one sc ie such way my first a series over now I I see a chain of 3 the stitches
  • 02:01: and now I will have knit in the second row each element I provyazyvat 4 column one sc ie here the first column of the second column 3 column so the third column, and the fourth column of the have each
  • 02:32: previous items two columns will consist here this consisted of 4 columns so but respectively It should also be 4 column two three and four, and so all you need to knit Here are the 5 elements that I
  • 03:02: formed on the first row and so I linked elements 5 4 column and now I need to finish row I link a single column But in the last upper air loop bar one nakida of rows I now finished I come to the third row I need to bind chain of 4 air loops March 4 and tie a column right here with
  • 03:33: one sc that is it from me It will be like a pair port or rather not gender yes Now a pair of next item which I have to front row I knitting is no longer in the element between them ie I need knit 1 column Now here it is, repeated elements
  • 04:04: on is not shifted then the two air and here is the second bar that's so then I will provyazyvat such elements between elements the previous row I have over here, and so I knit all members between elements on previous row Now the floor is left Report me to associate ie I link here
  • 04:34: here column can be basically through kidneys tie 1 bar and air here is another column that is here in this way over the third row of Now I'm going to knit following a series of 4 knit loop aerial 3 followed by 2 column here here is provyazyvayu there is between these hotels
  • 05:05: two columns on previous row so one column and two column The following columns on the 4 as in the second row I I will provyazyvat also here in these elements that is here in I have the following element 4 provyazyvayu already here I how is as if half element 1 2 3 4 i.e. so way and the
  • 05:41: elements they too move a little to the side here turns on This series element element here too element in the element they only a little move because Now these elements I will remove half element so to dovyazyvaya end of column 4 in every so I I finish this series now I need to last item tie, as it were half of the elements I
  • 06:11: bind two columns column 2 and column column for the completion of a number of the it turns out there are 3 so I this series have also completed fourth row, and I I turn on knitting again so as well moving here these here elements for inserting on place both on the ground number rising from by three
  • 06:41: air loops so and knitting the first element here between the ie the elements 2 bar air and then column continue knitting the there is between the elements get the same both on the front row oh there will also be the member will
  • 07:12: be immediately Unique as an element in front row respectively all subsequent rows are It has to be repeated and so I tied 6 rows Now this has turned pattern items come with offset number of rows You choose the is that the number of series that you need lipstick she is