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  • 00:19: Today we live on the board under the scheme scale for the manufacture of a beanbag we need a fabric size 62 cm
  • 00:31: one and a half meter from the the edges on both sides to We do not back down to 11 centimeters rest of the middle cloth diesel squares with 4 parties centimeter our friend It is going under the scheme Scales we put the scheme on the fabric on this diagram shows strong film 3 centimeters for our soles do squid points to 4 centimeters
  • 01:01: is our scheme cloth Vinsky the hell after As circuit carriage wholly Why the sum of its half face party inside and We sew the open ie the edges forming a circle take a needle and thread in tissue tone Light was up starting to change squares on pulling diagonally both corners of one
  • 01:30: point and do a few tacks and so turn collecting squares to end of the series give connection seam when a row They finished in the same contractible way the second and subsequent ranks until all the circuits will be collected after the as finished connect all marked squares is what should have This view from the underside sides
  • 02:05: the presence of your hand The easiest way Close support is on a solid skirt raise public the edges of the maiden and small poems collapses to open one side edge both need hundreds and I received a bag with the other side draw up a hole more fill
  • 02:31: filled only Then contract the thread inside closing second consequence cut out available material two laps it will be a button to our close and result cut two circles of fabric diameter slightly More solid circles not to delay our club with this fabric This view from the underside sides
  • 03:03: Ettore buttons slotted side our button, you can Is it possible to sew with via glue point or hot glue glue the upper and downside Sadowski thereby close the hole and complete the look pillow that's all good luck and success