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  • 00:01: square can be linked as a circle because we have to square 4 sides the number of loops scored on a circle must be a multiple Four I type 8 loops now I make the center loop so that the handle tonkovat and so central loop and She dialed 8 eyelets 8 bars without sc
  • 00:30: 1 34 5 6 7 and 8 turns while
  • 01:00: ring then in each I need a column knit to 2 of 2 column time should be 16 345 result there is also
  • 01:32: 7 8 9 10 1112 ie every I provyazyvayu loop on 2 by 2 columns 13 14 and 15 16
  • 02:02: that is, here I It turns round until with the number of loops 16 if all mark square direction ie increase Loop I in four directions to get a square in I only have 16 loops respectively each side of me Now with 4 loops as I I will do add first loop
  • 02:30: that is, imagine it's right I make the top corner Appendix 1 loop so provyazyvayu 2 1 2 so on 3 loops I knit without I'm sorry 2 I knit loops without modifications 1 and 2 and then in the fourth
  • 03:01: Doing 5 Appendix 1 and 2 ie like this way I Knit like upper side and adding square made by her a first loop 2 and without adding fourth in the next country indicative until until my circle but Then it was he formed wherein I'm doing the same thing that there is
  • 03:30: provyazyvayu 1 First loop provyazyvaem in the first loop of two column then again two loops without and adding one 4, respectively in two column ie so I Knit like two side of the square Top left and I have the following two doing the same thing that there I remember that
  • 04:00: I only have 4 loops on side respectively, but in first last deal adding 1 2 2 loop without adding and fourth add as remains one side respectively the first two columns then 2 loops without
  • 04:30: 1 to add one the pillar and I'm doing the fourth Appendix 1 and 2 Now therefore do not how to knit four sides and Now in the place where I made to add at I start to form the corners But if there already see some form square begins take shape
  • 05:00: on the next as if at the next round me on every side because I He added to the beginning and After each side one loop that is only 2 instead of four I already 6 So they six one two three 4 5 6 in January 2 cars in the last 2 only 6 thousand loops respectively the first loop I provyazyvayu 2 columns second, I do not provyazyvayu 2 columns
  • 05:30: already it is, I'll add it here these sort of corner 2 ie loops First I provyazyvayu 2 but the second column that comes from it does not increase from will provyazyvatsya double of what we say is 2 3 4 and 5 provyazyvayutsya without changes and I do 6 adding so today I will show how it will be look and so that's first loop I February 1
  • 06:01: where the addition of then made 2 that is the first I provyazat 2 columns 2 March 4 and 5 provyazyvaetsya without Appendix 6 of the loop I provyazyvayu 2 columns 1 and 2 for a total of now I have six It has already received 8
  • 06:31: on each side each row I will increase by 2 Loop 1 Loop one and the other side now I see another following the direction of the same principle as the I have first provyazyvayu loop 2 1 2 2 column 2 so third quarter fifth and without adding
  • 07:01: six six two column 1 and 2 so the following countries in the same manner on January 1 and 2 2 3 4 and 5 without addition of June 2
  • 07:30: column and respectively last party cut through the same way first column two columns provyazyvaetsya more 2 3 4 and 5 without added 6 and 2 columns so I
  • 08:00: already obtained here Such is the form of the am now on my each row there will be added so let's say 2 loops with and each angle respectively Finally I get the form a little square circular but square and so the next row I had the 8 2 is the first of 2 is only 4 and between 4 the tabs bar
  • 08:30: I do all the same thing that is in the first I provyazyvayu 2 then the second column third fourth fifth and sixth seventh columns without and in addition eighth I do adding one loop that is right
  • 09:01: two bars principle simple enough, you see even here these line increase over time they already clearly be seen that Now there are these tickers where I I add the loop there are one hundred percent on tally absolutely equally on each on each side we add a number to 2 loop at the beginning and end of the that is, the square It is like here from four of these here triangles ie more I show I am not going to do
  • 09:30: the same thing again at I 8 first and 8 I provyazyvayu 2 others without add on next row I there will be 10 then loops there are the first two by two and between 6 loops that is, this is such a adding the principle of loops and so I there is a slight circle square finish knitting this square means necessary leg to not
  • 10:01: It was so much let's say it's a place where you have finished this method is used knitting very many things like is for Knitting Shawls natural places place without bars sc you can use fishnet some techniques and I I mean it himself adding the principle of it loops mats there are all sorts of pot holders, etc. napkins ie application that's it
  • 10:30: this method knitting the form wide enough so if you remember this principle he will not or once in a lifetime come in handy