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  • 00:00: I'm going to demonstrate the kitchen air stitch or grafting or weaving it's what you want to use when you don't want to have a big bulky seam it's very important you have to have the exact number of stitches on each needle you take your thread that's left cut it off make sure that it's going to be long enough to go across the join and you do a set up you're going to just do this one time you're going to take the tapestry needle put it through the front
  • 00:32: stitch as though to purl leave it on the needle then you're going to go to the back needle as though to knit and again leave it on the needle you won't do this again now you're going to start the first of the four steps to do this stitch you take your first stitch you put it in the front needle as to knit and you actually just pull it off then you go into the second stitch as though
  • 01:03: to purl and you leave it on then you go to the back needle you take the first stitch as though to purl you pull it off you go into the next stitch as though to knit and you leave it on you're just going to repeat these stitches front needle pull off front needle purl on back needle purl off back needle knit on so you just keep
  • 01:38: repeating these four steps until you have only two stitches one on each of the needles so we've gotten to the end we have one stitch on the front and one stitch on the back now you're going to do the last two steps you're going to knit the first one just let the needle drop and you're going to purl the last one off and there
  • 02:11: you have a seam but it's not really a seam its woven together then you take the thread you just stick it in to the other side and just weave it in as you would any normal thread and there you have it a seamless seam you