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  • 00:05: Sooner or later, any user computer faced with such a problem as a lack of free disk space on the system hard disk partition different people in different ways it happens either set too many Programs such as the game is on system partition someone there permanently suppresses the file and they forget Empty trash
  • 00:31: who so originally mistaken and Installation Linda asked all too the small size of the system drive more advanced users try Clean up system by removing the hard drive not necessary programs Delete Temporary Files but sooner or later, even actions such advanced users are not brings the desired results, it is clear that System Partition Size It should be increased here we are with you in this lesson and talk to
  • 01:02: the topic of how to increase the size The system partition is not on its own involving, any third-party specialists for this we are downloaded we will install a free program using all of its rules launch the necessary actions so many times We typed in the address bar this one address and press m
  • 01:38: scroll content Iniesta and here there is a need we link partition manager at edition turn sending Frida notes press Now the button
  • 02:02: and again press this button here in the window that appears on your discretion you need to choose option if they want to save the new yes on bus shelters or on computers or on flash drives to further it can be used and other computers then press the button retain
  • 02:31: choose while preserving no way is maintained installation file and then runs it to install I immediately pressed button to start It sets a check to the present business area but It closed after the end of injection files installation file
  • 03:00: rocked press button to start and we start the installation program This window must be lead product key of the serial number in order to obtain the necessary data we need to create an account you can do this directly from setup n order and formed yet not needed
  • 03:30: and to create pass over this link In this day of it the necessary data Be sure to check Let his mailbox is correct because it is your e mail all the necessary will be sent to
  • 04:00: of registration information to collect we can point Russian language if necessary and press garden button no to confirm
  • 04:30: registration BrAZ we close it, we will no longer she needed a mailbox will receive a letter which will be contain the product key and serial number after entering registration information click ok button start button at the station We agree to the terms of the license and
  • 05:00: again press the button on the x after clicking on the button did not We observe the installation program on your computer the pop-up window control accounts write press dams we see on the desktop we have a label paragon partition manager
  • 05:31: click finish Installing the program on our computer completed So we have a program installed Rinse run it on Apple the desktop there are several options we are interested in here is the mill ruin ie resizing
  • 06:00: section press the button on the x issued nak not asked to choose 2 body adjacent times between which you It will be distributed free disk space in my case, we have seen the first section hidden Linda and invisible growth which
  • 06:30: system files are stored the second section size 9 Ammosov ideas tenth knigabayt a section in which one set of the CFE Treaty that is my system drive is the target and the last section This disc g thus selecting two adjacent screamers section on mouse this is just on the frame press the button on the x
  • 07:02: and now we simply move the slider necessary m to on one separate say increasing the screen size to a second Mossad Petina smaller size crit chant slider and after we release the left curb mouse bridges and visually seeing increase in size system partition and with the help of numbers we can also
  • 07:31: how we orient increased one section and reduce other and note that the figures we can see here and here and here and using the data field can hey exact value for your partition Start the Calculator
  • 08:03: 24 thousand megabyte this gigabytes multiply by 10 this action megabytes and let's say I want to my system partition was size seventy-gigabyte again we multiply by seed and here we get this value 701 680
  • 08:44: we have introduced the necessary values Please note that after entering the exact the value you need switch neighboring field to your changes visually View and Well in this element
  • 09:02: and accordingly to change value size in our second section So summarize free to redistribute disk space you you can drag the slider This first embodiment of the second embodiment is there is also the exact value in left field for input and switch on the right to we have changed and the second value and there is also a third possibility hold the mouse pointer
  • 09:30: contact interface and when we pointer mouse no its appearance here on this You can expose the left mouse button and hold move the interface and thereby redistribute the NDI Skogen space between two section press the button on the x here we are warned that it must apply changes
  • 10:00: accordingly, we need to choose this one option We also inform that the computer It will restart and redistribution process space can take a long time press but to the school by x and here we press this button here to restart a computer
  • 10:50: after the restart we But the program has emerged as a xx does not need to take and no action everything will happen automatically
  • 11:01: and certainly part as I said, this procedure It may take a long time and please pay attention to this here inscription which reads here that in order to avoid loss data you are welcome
  • 11:30: Do not press whip for measles is not the power switch your computer and so the program has successfully fulfilled Linda launched itself launch Explorer window to see
  • 12:01: result we are seeing a systematic drive Ziona 1 degree of 90 gigabytes and correspondingly a little bit reduced the second section at the same time, our mouths can complete you are now fully prepared for the fact that alone without the involvement of any or experts reallocate Disk space between adjacent spills
  • 12:31: on your hard disk and to do so you can at precisely the moment when you do this arose necessity