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  • 00:05: Today show you interesting lesson for shawls but Unfortunately I do not have this pattern diagram so I will explain that It called on the fingers Beginners knitting Chains of air 6 but that loops closable in a ring 3 air loop 2
  • 00:32: column one Air nakida 2 loop 2 column with one such nakida groups of two columns with one sc 7 we were binding it It will start bottom corner it will shawl that is she knits on
  • 01:00: the lower corner gradually expanding excuse expanding the canvas that is, we will constantly add the total This method is convenient so that you can stay in the right moment or let when strings run out one two three 4 May still see Two more groups are here Now a group of us
  • 01:30: must be 6 and the last seventh so we will the beginning of what we do further 3 aircraft loop in the first a couple of air loops and knit two column one Air nakida 2
  • 02:01: two more loop column here same here the edge of it will the same in all the ranks Now 6 air loops and here comes the interesting retreat two arches and a third knit 5 columns with 1 sc
  • 02:32: there may not yet be nothing interesting no well to this we getting ready from The following 5 columns single knit sc here from the previous period while we pull the thread so that we here
  • 03:00: formed a common veerochek here with our already linked to drinking columns of Lera here with stretched thread on knit and five stuff
  • 03:33: Here is such a faith, we got finish number so It is always the same 6 stitches and Here at last the last two arches column one Air nakida 2 loop even with 2 columns sc every trick
  • 04:05: in general, that's in such veerochkov means in each row we number of these veerochkov will ie increase the next will be two but we have to the next number we undergirding this virus standard top 3 Air loops 2
  • 04:30: column with a 2 sc air hinges let the column with 6 sc air loops, and now we 10 knit with bars 1 sc ie appearance on each column here our this veerochek
  • 05:10: 5 6 sen higher and 10 and end number also standard 6
  • 05:32: stitches and here are a couple of two column one Air nakida 2 loops and 2 column 1 sc What these this veerochek he completely the same that with me that the other Well different side
  • 06:02: direction course Now these extended loops but would still he looks equally knit the next row beginning as an end each row completely I did the same on They probably already we will not repeat Now do this here box and the edges
  • 06:38: 6 stitches and Now we will for years two Vera how we do knit the first five we were binding columns here in this place between second and third column previous row 5
  • 07:03: columns with one sc and 5 columns with we extended thread knit here before but in it's in the report E100 attract
  • 07:31: all one seats guy 4 and 5 Air knit 2 loop knit Now column, without sc on
  • 08:01: the center of the previous Vera again 3 air hinges following the veerochek There are 5 common we were binding columns But for the fan points 5 and 5 columns with
  • 08:32: elongated loops we knit retreated here two bars from the edge and
  • 09:01: you 5 finish number Standard 6 stitches 2 column one Air nakida 2 loop 2 column with one sc we already have 2
  • 09:37: Ira and in general that Here we can see that Now this triangle that is, the next number three on 4 and etc. but for this we need to tie so live each of their our veerochek columns with one sc, and between these that is the beginning and the end
  • 10:01: a number of the same here Now with 10 columns a 2 sc air loop will 10 more columns 1 I knit sc I show what happened So I tied click on the number of two tenor column here 2 aerial loops and here is the first in the crusts I tied this series because it fit standard as we knit the next two pens for the following
  • 10:31: We also handles here 2 here air We do loops and knit 5 veerochkov here in this here the gap between columns and beds 5 bars with stretched threads of 2 also retreating column
  • 11:00: all the same
  • 11:30: 2 air loop and join the centers should Vera next believers fit just as well and that's what we have Yes I see this series yet, and then it will be seen that we have here are the steps start walking angle Now that we turned in
  • 12:00: a result of how are you going to increase the number of rows in us more This is indicated here triangle at first it was but it is absolutely not clear because that's holding its main part that a successful first Here's a shawl interesting to interesting bulges exactly the same drawing on both side well of course
  • 12:30: his knit from volume not fluffy but not very thick at I think otherwise it will very bad here such that's interesting risunochek