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  • 00:00: I'll tell you about I'm leaving for my face and it can be would someone helpful not reflect it was enough beautiful and so I video will tell you how I leaving the channel has there is a video which says I'm leaving for my face it was decided write off because the new my tactics has changed and I want to
  • 00:30: you have to share it My wife just Gänsicke window and I think how many people whom I jury metropolis I have not chronic lack of sleep I stress, if you find something in common with my features you can not be I think it would believe it, and so I I realized that it's about purification is almost not the first thing which makes your the skin is very beautiful and attractive if before I tell them the corner
  • 01:00: you need to want it corner now think totally different our cosmetics like most girls therefore, it should be sweep and for a long time, I fond of mussels I realized that the cream Love cream is not just some foundation it is caring tricky thing to In fact if the skin qualitatively clean up after a cream after some time you start problems I base bind their recent problems and bad skin it because of the baby creams because
  • 01:30: that change begins seasons and skin too You must be reconstructed the first thing I did, I ceased use baby cream does not matter how much it costs 30 rubles, or it costs 3000 the result is you will still hammered bark because Bibi cream need clean the special manner but now I'm too sometimes I use the Pope cream Well it is a very seduce zakinet 3d bb cream without the need use Cleansing Oil for
  • 02:00: removal or cream and better it all completed some micellar babytreem very insidious and you need to break it a very long time, even special removers enough oil it will not happen enough if you you think that you using oil then wash and this is all there is need further use some powerful cleansing facilities otherwise you will
  • 02:30: scored both times consequently tekke comedones and jumping I was right now He theorized let me better talk about what It is happening now Now I do not use clip cream because I use real pretty and means those same looks garbage tonal funds are not using carry secret bibi cream I use old school foundation and skin it not changed I believe though associate it with the I was asleep specifically think about
  • 03:00: how can I have it more often I can not to use water there can be me just too lazy or not I want to make a noise or I water to shore Hippo and not I use a year I use here this Milk that I do I splash lots and lots and lots of Splash of milk on hand his face remove the smear this cotton pad certainly not enough I take about micellar water small beads
  • 03:33: and wipe a few time changing wheels wipe wiped then I put Cream 13 box I like it madly like only in it but the fact that he and yellow White simply not white pillowcase is ass Well, to a part of Street but who leaves traces in generally sealed just sleep on her back and the bride on her side so I began to do my skin
  • 04:04: leveled steel pass acne on place where they it disappeared forehead second place on the cheeks chin any more ie the elements there are red spots and pimples are not already and red spots that eventually will if I will use Acid Cream Now I use at night this retinoic acid cream and I think that day is beneficial do believe that night need use acid cream and they very cool
  • 04:34: It acts on the skin skin in the morning getting to the pink to Gorny the only thing gently acidic cream bodyaga together no no no no if you use acid cream will be trouble general That's not all, and if my special This night means cream the lens is designed for Actually it is not simple cream is cream I have a surprise inside added substances under called white owl and booster blaster in general I do not remember in general, are
  • 05:04: substance that increase Georgia, which I He did so in the face I have a pretty cool and I decided that I need so more lives do some I manipulated so it is not necessary or write to Belfort brazen reservoirs about what you want do not some there I put plastic This night cream only nasolabial folds here and here under the eyes, and a little on cheekbones to protruding upper of the cheekbones for so that over time, these places became my as if the denser
  • 05:34: there began to produced fat if you can used for These substances breasts 10 you're a little help to seal it and do not amount but I use nasolabial folds and a tearful eye furrows and little here but it is still not all of course at night well after sunset crow's feet nanoshu serum from the Prime medicine liked the fact that the uterus life for nutritional and I finish top Cream asset only
  • 06:05: by the way is a I have not one brand I bought at iherb is inexpensive and I like that it is very fun It is like a gloss Lip ical jokes do not know nothing is done Repair eyes I put around the mouth and also between the eyebrows thats all when I You need to wash off cosmetics eyes when I there ton darling I sometimes use some means for
  • 06:35: removing cosmetics with eye I really liked dharma means I here nips -1 eyes but it takes a very cool quickly transparent sperm shaped such liquid that is applied to cotton disk and flush makeup with eye wash our enduring makeup eye I recommend here pay attention to the fact I know even I am doing a test drive I 1 he used to his usual means other distal and it worked much better so that I can
  • 07:07: be recommended sometimes I am broken stop saving water when I wash my face water somehow gel I discovered Dr. grave 11 hello 1 from 1 to me they I am madly in love very worried about this package because it seemed to me that it contains glass and extruded therefrom funds will be very that turned out to be difficult Liquid very pretty it is convenient use and It cleans very very cool but after
  • 07:37: you need to use some tonic something yet that wash because remnants for oily skin and can someone dry but I like very much I used to cool I enjoyed cosmetics but Aries Then I ordered pyrnet store, and that's the way about online stores Lately uhodukosmetika no longer order through the Internet they march in and Letual Potter, or Rive Gauche because both the flight you can impose on me some opinion
  • 08:08: I'm coming home upset because I read the reviews and I thought: upset so that me something imposed or am I on the action emotional impulse to do purchase and here I I think carefully and read reviews which looked rating from tools and I bought and usually when you buy in I will never shop unlearn by the way I can repair giving you arrive the fact that very often physical store there is still unnecessary purchases I I decided
  • 08:38: a little with this tie with unnecessary shopping and purchase only plane than you I liked it means the fact that the well in I very much like a tube funds still because I am not fit end they exactly end on not one hundred percent will be 50 per cent in the bottle sometimes with dispensers that also happen to me I liked it impact at stake our us dry skin to rub the little some gel viscous slow and already this and I He seems very cool clean and not I wash off with water and it's all I pass with micellar
  • 09:08: water ad then build Normally, with your night cream with these all sera call over all of bystrenkomu yes there I will not use moschino talk about them because I do not I think we will do I do sometimes I want to somehow have strongly purify himself for example when I I am in nature and not it seems that it is all they are well I led after nature saved folio March 1 This kind of logic powder that applied to the face a little with some water and she is
  • 09:39: Scrub oily skin which has no explicit inflammation super especially us he It removes all the way what it is pollution sometimes I I wash just such Unit and the night is konnyaku sponge Kabul some sport which I now have hard as anyone forget Does it seem that some withered soft wider cookies but in fact when you put it like it can thumps and very class can take food and very good cleans
  • 10:09: It is for them have any special boxes store Use acid peeling English used too simply it is applied on the face and tingling then it just take off water and put or render to commemorate usually better not to terminals use that she whisper usually after I use my favorite mask and only by the night all night mask it's cool but kind of pro mask I will not not You'll be about masks ship normally I use it is nice level helps a lot
  • 10:39: narrows it helps improve circulation in the face of it helps reduce inflammation and jumping if you have them very many and they will heal faster if you very little they do lost in the general means fun so cool also I recommend look at the someone devices but be careful here it is glass surface of the careless because they beat themselves on any polarity awkward movement it beats sink or deftly and so here we are in the offing
  • 11:09: I do when I I usually wake up I do not like to wash and wake up but We have to do it and when it is very hot in the the street with the value sweat and skin and all want to somehow a bit narrow so I wash water this morning I I am using means of they are the AI doctor It depends on how I I feel like I if not set really not in the mood I have nothing to do
  • 11:40: just pen bioderma I wipe the face in it's not all ethnic I worried but then it is necessary to once himself a little moisture to saturate skin something cool you know I really love funds sprays I annoy me he it seems that if he was the spray if was a means to washing and removing makeup spray struck and simplicity Now it has gone further perfect for me but Unfortunately such bond It does not happen I found for myself cool spray facial for oily skin and
  • 12:10: the mist to narrow pores oily skin with some there powder which little Tonirujushchaja Actually it is not so but I can clearly see splash because I just it's convenient I woke up at us rubbed on sprinkled with a secret freak it's crazy that certainly say that it is necessary to type thermal water is bad Conversely skin not drawn finish pulls wrong to me I was so comfortable doing not like the sometimes
  • 12:40: appt using glue is a novelty in this Gray is cool he is very liquid it's easy distribute in the face plus he has a slight tinting whitening effect which for a very tanned skin is not suitable for Besides white his protection so 45 it it is important to protect those people who eg gathered on nature or simply not They want never to I fell into the sun many people think that If you sit for window personal well It can not happen used by any
  • 13:10: success is all wrong a clear example of this is seen truckers that half even in winter truckers to We did not say that it is Window opens grandfather there are even those who is closed for window facial skin all equal to the capital so I recommend use of You do not want to retire tire your skin 40 and then to 30 years used it completely it cool tool so that it can be apply makeup it has been operating as a a foundation because you can
  • 13:40: apply makeup can be applied cosmetics she evens tone and already looks very it is good to me it seems revolution very cool thing therefore I recommend My daycare funds under the eyes of the skin doctor and means facial skin from Dr. I like the fact that it is not very much mattes and skin He has a very good falls cosmetics because usually those cream that I met for the fat with the effect of the skin matting or there to t-zones so they
  • 14:10: mattes the skin that then cosmetics - rolls they do not quite comfortable for people who still used using cosmetics leg is not used or I want you there myself to teach and to load the and that the same day I I used the cream it all rolls and do not need I want another simply use cream to avoid it does not bother and I strongly mattes it is really like that a person does not lose I could no volume factory doctor too class may cosmetics for me in the daytime
  • 14:40: while it applies first there is not there is an inductor this Australian makeup Austrian cosmetics and Me Generally, if someone fun you can see read about cosmetics in Internet here is that Union doing hot time of the year I came to clearly understand that not to do Serve it was comfortable themselves you feel it equal and live irregularities and roughness which were not a month ago, of course, I I add that one external action on the skin is not enough We need themselves also
  • 15:10: you need to properly conduct go sometimes street enough sleep with the right food and some mobility of hope you liked it video all while and cool, the focus no fixed tasty recorded recorded