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  • 00:00: Hello Today will tell how I'm preparing Homepage dry sausage It consists of pork Beef and smoked bacon Proportions solbasy 70% of pork 20% beef
  • 00:30: 10% is fat Beef and pork mince do Small or large milling It all depends on your desire And bacon Cut into cubes For Beautiful view In the finished sausage Depending on taste preferences You can change the aspect ratio Meat and fat But always more pork than beef
  • 01:02: More pork than the Higher quality sausages And tastier This is my opinion Begin to make minced Cut bacon into cubes Our ready minced bacon and diced
  • 02:25: Mix ingredients In the beef add per 10kg Ready to take minced 50 g peppercorn Take 50 g Ground Pepper 350 gras fine salt - can not be less than
  • 02:56: Otherwise spoiled sausage 10 kg minced 350 g of salt 80 grams of sugar 1 nutmeg Nitrate and food You can try to do with cognac or with alcohol I add all based on 2.5 kg minced Everyone is counting on its amount of meat
  • 03:34: Also add fragrant spices for meat Each picks up dry seasonings to taste All seasonings add in minced meat This solim
  • 04:04: Stir for several hours and Put in refrigerator While stuffing is refrigerated Prepare wine The sausage we add wine with spices Cooking wine
  • 04:35: Use 1 bottle of white wine 3 cloves garlic Crush Three cloves Saltpeter Agro-Food Here is a nitrite salt You can not put more than in the recipe - DANGER Better a bit less I put on 1kg minced 1 to 2 grams of ammonium nitrate
  • 05:07: If I have two and a half kilos I put 3 - 5 grams of ammonium nitrate Do so Wine pour in a pan We press the garlic and add the wine Also add cloves and bring to a boil After boiling, give wine to cool In the cooled wine add nitrate Cooled down it is necessary to drain the wine For sausages using natural casing
  • 05:44: Getting tamping sausages For each pack uses its supplies Cooled down, mix wine with meat And mix thoroughly minced
  • 06:28: Stuffing should be soft stuffing Stuffed sausage using sleeves
  • 07:04: It goes pretty fast and well
  • 07:35: Knotted end of the sausage Not sure if there
  • 08:05: Air sausage Beat needle Dry 20 to 30 days At 5 -10 degrees Cool air Dry ventilated area
  • 08:36: Or on the balcony No rain and moisture Or can be dried in a dryer Made himself This country has attached fan Computer Here power supply 12 V If the street zhozhd Ventilated and dried
  • 09:06: I begin to dry I went 1 week I want to see how they are now Well Here appears a little small Little white plaque mold A little mold on it is quite the sausage OK
  • 09:38: Happens to sausages Density Should be dried more Land in the drier Slightly formed 2 weeks Quickly dried
  • 10:09: Here is the final result This is the home DRY SAUSAGE