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Video subtitles:
  • 00:02: Hello jan ready beef neck marinade It needs to beef I ground the blade boneless garlic, lemon juice Brown sugar soy sauce, olive pepper oil salt prepare the marinade lemon juice sugar garlic
  • 00:39: and soy sauce and butter rub the meat pepper target Field marinade
  • 01:02: I opt for half an hour fridge so that two hours one just meat turned over to she soaked us it is necessary to massively oil
  • 01:43: old grill mode 10 minutes have passed
  • 02:01: I tell marinade overturn it's not grease can
  • 02:33: it took another 10 minutes 10 minutes
  • 03:12: Peleg hanging fibers
  • 03:31: Serve with fried potatoes marinated Champignon meat sharp cap thanks to the marinade good marinade soft and juicy gree in beef marinade ready Bon Appetit