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  • 00:00: From 10 to 90 percent stood Sergius ribbon with which I stood with that was my little daughter, my wife, we We stood on this ribbons, not because we separatists to your light is not respect for Arsene B. This ribbon is not Catherine's is not a royal award Fame is a warrant Medal for the victory over Germany, this medal for victory over Japan Two of my grandfather who the last war one of them to start 2 June Commissioner border guard 5 hours
  • 00:30: in the morning and the other June 23 to recruiting office and already Shumejko scam tract with General Kirponos himself wounded he died he was captured they have a medal they officers for victory over Germany You want glad to say this but in the history of just in case you know the bad biology, zoology is Albert color you We want both Uganda called cockroaches you make a mistake you fight with tigers Azerbaijan is my Ganja born mother
  • 01:00: do you understand what I'm talking about I am saying now and bring their apologize publicly and or admit that you Nazi accomplice then excuse for German process in You should be here Get out government and judge apologize for of Colorado you are the first of politicians it was called and I have say it again - we descendants of those who Orders received fame and a medal for the victory over Germany and finished I want words Stolypin who died here
  • 01:30: kiev killed you Gentlemen, the great need shocks and us Ukrainians luganchanam We need a great ukraine I endorse the words chairman regional Council Today you can still stop tomorrow you even confederation Do not you fear come on Luhansk region even protection and in fact in from such tires Luhansk and the day before yesterday I went to family car Leonid Makarych not they Danilych 13 roadblocks when in Novoaydarsky area costs National Guard under I calmly stop
  • 02:00: way of Luhansk armed men without Police did not have when It stands Kupino I was stopped by traffic police I was a National Guard under dwell safely but when I would be on in the center of Ukraine a self-standing slogan Ukraine hope truncated word terror you me Spark stop sorry man with two classes Education Facial just because I little nasty car and there was more an elderly man, he I saw the child and
  • 02:30: said this young what are you doing Skips why Lubnah bolts I citizen Ukraine Arsene stops B. You do not stop 8 why there is a check mark to Boryspil not stop the and the National Guard under no but some but if self-defense we carry weapons so why everyone except Kiev numbers so Now we need emphasize the great Ukraine if the Minister the Interior It offends the citizens It deserves to be Minister, I again I say to apologize
  • 03:01: to the descendants of those who won freedom and happiness of this country