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  • 00:07: as the first breakfast 200 grams of milk caste families Kosice clinical 0 5 percent with half of the plan she can eat as you can hang 200 milliliters companies here such low-fat milk however, prices nokia a cup of tea or coffee without milk or sugar
  • 00:32: and since I'm not a big fan of coffee for lovers as you watch Sanchez second breakfast can afford lose peeled carrots as usual and Another piece of fruit to choose from a pear and although a lawyer fearing chicken accounts baked boiled meat with then retired in a double boiler warm aid l I have cauliflower
  • 01:00: you can also surcharge I 2.3 serving of boiled rice without oil 100 km and dressed with the help of pay spoon vegetable recall today for a day This feast collector consist of steel photo and video photofixation I do not think this decision and of course do not forget that's because this is very good for dinner tonight and who will
  • 01:31: this in itself is not the end It is growing at 10 as always do see how fuel climate as well as a glass milk or yogurt or distortion all standardly two slices of grain bread help it may be tomato cucumber pepper cabbage that is anything about so many
  • 02:01: one hundred grams of experts is expensive no more than five per cent now this day, allow yourself 30 USD price rejected coupon request glass of milk but I will not say and a cup triple their production without sugar