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  • 00:04: Greetings Dear friends Today we will be understood on the ground while the same cat that appears particularly in women after childbirth but some men This, too, suffer so today we one will do very good I already exercise I showed one series today we it will complicate for that we need some I weighting use here a bottle water to be honest I have not
  • 00:30: so I tried I do not know just filthy so I I do not know whether the forces of I will do it but I'm going to try like says nothing It would be impossible I desire therefore I will use a bottle and socks yes to to link this bottle here are long socks if anyone has any such headbands that they too can use as a gum you kept me no dressing with I I will use his favorite golf course
  • 01:00: Now I'm more I bind together in order get big a tow and now I I planned this bottle need you bind on I wrap the bottle all need to engage firmly that there was no injuries naturally or to the rear our feet I I bind bottle
  • 01:31: feet I fold like this Here crosswise so I will prepare position initially so here I I tied a bottle I press my good let your lower back to the floor we should not be a deflection well holding lower back yes the floor on their stomach back have muscle muscles abdominal muscles well straining legs half-bent slightly in lap possible to start put a pen under and love the food was it is a bit easier
  • 02:00: exercise because not all at once created here then can be removed hand with the development of our arrival because the hardest pump is lower press and so we proceed to the so here is the rise but lift the knife and to 90 degrees to level and not completely omit on the floor Now we go
  • 02:42: reserve on foot of 90 degrees, and throws their head 1 March 2 4 Yes
  • 03:00: 6 unforgettable bucks you 89 children with excellent well on that take rest without putting your feet on the floor and start to do full angle omitting school and such come say went
  • 03:31: and 6 main and think and result druzya78 Villa 2 Well, what can you feel inside continue
  • 04:00: trenirovochki little fingers and such as a purposeful I greet you sports dynamic image life, you better come on this channel and your dream Ideally wasted