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How to prepare and accept calcium from an egg shell - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: My greetings to all notex with you and today I I want to show you how make calcium from eggshell eggshell is one of the best natural sources of calcium wherein addition of calcium It does not contain as much 30 others minerals lights beta pores board manganese and iron, and zinc, and many many so for others preparing tattoo eral useful and below its own ring we like only
  • 00:31: usually egg shell eggs can borrow from any birds quail chicken way from the geese who were there More Voznesenka eggs whiling away the from all of any birds on the main thing that they were home organic without salt and non-GMO then washed our dog under water
  • 01:02: we boil water 5-7 minutes This will allow to kill bacteria that perhaps attended the surface of the egg shell and just it safe Further we boil and dry to dry can in the sun and in the liver anywhere it does not matter videos were dried look to you left white plenochku and cloud We leave it a lot
  • 01:32: nutrients and there is about the essence and meaning no further shred as the need to grind can we were taken inside and the less here subject better miles than a coffee grinder blender to understand and carrot package chop a rolling pin package will have powder at the bottom but want to handle all possible times I isolation Still I recommend use Cuff they say there that it
  • 02:03: notes smaller all and best of all first shell can be called little then repack it was convenient to I take calcium I do it in capsules I take the capsules on their Combating size 0 I they enjoy convenient and comfortable swallow fast do you want to go a reference for video and another part of the scientist I leave the shell powder state
  • 02:33: and it is very it can be useful use for facial scrub and the body mix it with some oil or there add FERC and generally obtained very Zahara great very cheap product take the shell Wednesday with food for better absorption somewhere in the quarter teaspoon a couple of times on the day and then again not have any sorted data but it all depends on your diet if During the day, kill what sort of couple glasses of raw lacquer
  • 03:04: or go to the boat trash one that your dose or is less than or do not we need that first of all listen I want your body recall that calcium best digested with group d and vitamins and where there are 5 saturated fats to liver coconut a safety whiskey, cream etc. oil and vitamin c is not Remember that calcium absorption it would be good to do it vitamin c
  • 03:34: how do citrate calcium wrote on read the blog In fact if he I will approach better to of calcium carbonate those who have have something problems with inflammation and want intestinal tract or He wrote once something blocks the absorption calcium, plus it simply the best it can absorb accept even without food in general all read on blu if you want to Today all thanks for your attention to you she was direct and to meet these
  • 04:04: Video bye bye