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  • 00:00: Hello adults and children my favorite students My name is Tatiana face contact I teacher fine art goat wins No that's today I I want to do bunny from less this is a fairly strong durable material very interesting to engage in this kind of activity meaning, and so today we We are going to do with you just just view it then each of our
  • 00:32: language and then have a beer Jonas wrinkled paper or bottle or Olga so to make a right you need fix and
  • 01:19: I cover Clip the resulting mold threaded head that
  • 01:49: and eternal but I'm behind them eye we can lock highly we need to make our
  • 02:34: impervious what I I was serving a Now to cut
  • 03:07: once again two of his kill you in half you can do sharp little here your works imagination is in full swing cut machines Once again, and cut ears as the
  • 03:38: them to each other We had connection we've got 2 Man because we fold in half Now paste taped to our ears would Waterproof willing to stay
  • 04:42: carefully cut attach gun gutters cut so to a little tape He performed abroad understand that the paper later the world was connected literally millimetrik 2 attached to our
  • 05:15: participants do do take a leaf how is now
  • 06:01: We need to fix additionally twist to it there was a strong and the fact that the inside is not penetrated deserved success very hard wrapped with gold so the workpiece to
  • 06:43: today to
  • 07:21: next meeting