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  • 00:04: now I prepare soup kharcho this should be all beef tomato paste oil garlic, onion salt pepper and chili peppers so I is so beautiful and any beef and cut the already slices portioned Now even this one will cut I will sever
  • 00:44: to think so portion 34 piece pack for a beginner
  • 01:04: and these legs, and I have even make the same bone easy to master In general, this recipe I It is taken from the book of tasty and healthy food I have not put a stall acid and like this Now you need to cook like only will climb warbler it is necessary to remove the skimmer about half or two hours down but the meat
  • 01:31: welded I passed half an hour right now I add all already wash and it will be cooked 20 minutes now! fry bow
  • 02:03: and it will only become slightly golden I add the master And now you suppressed master tomatoes can also Fresh I somehow write enjoy better fittings
  • 02:37: they are always there on you We need a little schepotochku add Sahara when we sacrifice Now add another garlic only peremeshaem
  • 03:01: and now complete Now put out until ready approximately 20 minutes and than
  • 03:44: a little bit more on the shoulder I wrote and I noticed a fact that once only after already ready meal a very different taste
  • 04:12: in an empty to sour cream and greens Korablino
  • 04:38: Bon Appetit