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  • 00:00: Hello I yuri Shatohin today review of the hosts file on my website section useful advice what the host file why is it needed as a fix and make the work if short introduction and a reference to great article Tatyana Anisimova I briefly you explain that it contains an article big picture and all that you did not know about host file
  • 00:30: in this article told and do not page opens I can not enter the site Typically there is one start checking with file host what the hosts file host file created for accelerating access to Site bypass dns-server if the file hosts to register ip-address name of the site that is not true the transition will not be there where you expected or general anywhere this feature and used
  • 01:00: malicious program appending hotsit incorrect address pairs api and the name of the site as a fix the hosts file it hosts a text file easy to fix most located at I will show you like where it is located So go my local computer drive c windows system32 folder no systems as well system32
  • 01:30: folder driver ethics and here here here system files to us I need this one's tail we have it right button to open and select notebook okay so he opened and I have it Russified and But after this here line 127.
  • 02:00: 0. 0. 1 then some gaps lokalhost nothing should be tire here nineteen lines together with spaces and if you see this file is OK everything is fine look here whether here engine and if there are you move the cursor engine to the end and surely see records are de rose ie made it through space, and this trick
  • 02:31: such viruses sure here should not be the engine there is all you need cleaned up by the court and that was not then no engine your host file normal state and then press save his closing and now I will show sample host file on windows xp and Here is a sample host file windows 7 difference
  • 03:00: Only in two lines if xp to local host these figures nothing and there is nothing after the windows 7 there is one line about jeans and another string string yedinichku ie 2 longer lines this is now the samples host file is closed and open site and so
  • 03:32: file usage host their own purposes accelerate access to site at households deny access to to a specific site redirect to one site to He scored another child 1 site came to the site Case Studies Moshkova block most pernicious Bandar exchange network and other hotbeds advertising garbage especially changes file host
  • 04:00: windows 8 and after you have successfully corrected your host necessarily check your computer for viruses change change password by e-mail box all these questions in great detail described in pictures show activity great article Tatiana anisimova I's I want to show here is Here is a site where are secrets hosts file article Tatyana where they winter
  • 04:31: you see what host file fix very detail and that's what he showed shown than can be corrected utilities microsoft fix it I'll just and I will show later link in the description below your videos and on the Article Tatiana anisimova and here at maykrosoftovskih website where you can download fixes
  • 05:02: to solve a problem hosts file This utility is overdue for windows xp and windows 7 no solution fixes supported in windows 8 is to be understood you download click it here it is downloadable utility then you and You activate it on English but there all along ahead and forward it to you and so fix continue to look
  • 05:31: utility and for using free utility from Doctor web current and correction manually and a host file you rules here painted several tricks making the virus can be corrected if you have a particularly neglected case when a serious virus you can go to the registry and fix here shows in steps how
  • 06:01: that some components the registry is necessary correct insert blank lines I you I must not show be the engine pad slider closing sometimes you file visit and c windows system32 driver's Ethics hosts file folder then you do not have just about shows how to do to become visible and continue
  • 06:31: trick work 4 fake file a similar name then there appears two file host or host, or simply host without the letter with both It did the trick on May 5 extension change and it is impossible to trick 6 edit host is shown here that to do to it could be edit 7 setting trick proxy is already in
  • 07:01: browsers and host use their own purposes 1 way to accelerate access your site using the host file here it is written as that prescribe how find ip address the site and method 2 deny access to website example, you log on to see that the browser child spend hours playing in tanchiki
  • 07:30: Fear line in the file species Now you need to create such 127. 0.0. one space Tanks online point com and just another add 3w tanks Online whom all close stupas to this site at it is a message error joining a line type here these
  • 08:00: Here are the numbers you Look kiss point pv operating refinements when you try to enter into browser this dot ru will be Connect with library Moshkovo ie here the numbers connect instead website library thrown as you can see you can do the same thing as viruses but since you can use block most pernicious banner exchange and network and other hotbeds
  • 08:30: advertising and garbage here's a way she is not fond of especially from large a few dozen kilobyte The hosts file we saw our host in the file It weighs one kilobyte if some the tens of kilobytes starts slow down file host require significantly in time for them view that retarding
  • 09:00: but much work saving construction also do not have the files to 10 kilobytes nothing inhibit even old trucks Odessa kilobyte it many hundreds of lines especially changes host windows 8 file from those in Who's windows 8 please can read them Finally, after as you well fix your host necessarily check your computer for viruses and Change the password on
  • 09:31: mailbox at All this I did not in their own words completely all tell it It would take a lot of the more time that the this is now an article very competent all step by step, and to those who have who arises problem please visit this site read and learn decide on it all
  • 10:00: all the best to goodbye