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  • 00:00: I'm playing today want demonstrate hairstyle Greek style to start us need to twist hair we wound the lungs waves in order to then it was easier choose this word bandage physical
  • 00:30: hairstyle very spatial we need but a band or bandage spire and and ironing with which plates to find boards and curls order the customer can put the capacity of desires higher . so smart. that's fixation so that o volume when we curled curls and she did not we take Strands of any thickness and
  • 01:05: wrap up and here ahead alert Here she is hairstyles it is necessary to take the rite forming curls with one side is allowed to the center and on the other you can still do a promotion here
  • 01:39: so we beginning our hairstyles nothing complicated on best aces are better use a varnish when we turn to the center of our hairstyle we stop and we will move on to other side to do it by we can Strands to our pinned invisible here we also take strand and just as
  • 02:10: podkalyvayem under the gum is in fact to create this image is not required some personal requested only invisible like us everywhere my club bandage and Your desire we can of this project which is massively divided into two parts and stuck in such
  • 02:43: way so that the tip do not stretch to the end as one said man falling they are born by them are becoming