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  • 00:00: how to sew a new skirt any size and old jeans so you have couple jeans fit and teen that you with a light heart You can lime sewing a new skirt their number depends from the skirt of her size the length of my skirt is gone your jeans 32 jeans size are left of son continue wearing them the cottage it is impossible to my 54 Soviet way not stretched and they have lain years seven, any alteration it's kind of
  • 00:30: adventure in which you destroy already available with risk To make matters worse, or not to do all Fortunately that you destroy already and so no one you need a winged ideas are not related any commitments safely proceed to case since it is very and itching of the two jeans will get me shorts skirt and beads but today it will focus on Liubka you saw on intro to the video bit
  • 01:00: later I go show herself sequence work provides that Jeans you are small but looking at all video with you till the end ease sorientiruetes what part of the work you can skip first of all times jeans on the river side and stepper seam to do this and you can see in the previous quick video how unpick old Jeans Belt tear and we will not cut his side seams and little underground for sewing the missing insertion note width
  • 01:30: coquette future skirt if you are satisfied presence on it back pockets and clasp called golfiki the slice as shown in my pictures below on the back pockets half or two centimeter found the remaining part front halves are added together and from the bottom cut the double the width of the belt with SEAM I have turned 10 centimeters further along order cut off rate coquette this part should be equal to the height yoke
  • 02:00: sewed them as shown on video that our work is not very different from we are ready to trousers lateral for the expansion will be cast side here is a seam shabby one seam lower leg portion and not only the top part of you lay the small tuck side decide to tack me
  • 02:32: Well, as far as possible there is certainly possible pave the thread here such as jeans I am now until stitched blue and then look for and I spend yellow additionally sew overhead noise
  • 03:14: then still you have to do both line and We sew second part I here I sewed one side yet her belt with the second
  • 03:31: half front halves are not flammable the second part of the belt, we how would overturn the front half in we have intact here and sew That's why noise combine easy shovchik here this attrition us belt does not to prevent save primordial jeans type well that there's sews kojsu displeys you
  • 04:00: under the city should be if inconvenient Pin first bulavochkami Reputation need necessarily expanded and a dozen girl on the belt can priutyuzhit because Now this part of you priutyuzhim and times are pumped into jeans one show so it is better here lay the brush
  • 04:30: shovchik and utjuzhkom we priutyuzhit sewn belt priutyuzhili Wu We came to retire draenei scribbled the lower part of the leg and on the side seam here now you need here define here this width which will insert now you It needs two measurements wrap them hips you need to determining the length and the width of the belt skirt thighs
  • 05:00: check out these locations skirt for the next contact watering and cut too much of their resolve parts and belts flirt for this you must be checked thighs the rear half front to determine extension fathom waist Now you can link side seams and yoke belt and make example, adjust the coquette on your and complex figure planting density can now be finally doshit
  • 05:30: kitty skirt finishing line better to do on a course sewing since the final as you can prevent the thickness of the seams I already cropped all snake and now I interconnectable Details we belts spend rear halves on front so I choose to Part preserved Basically not the top It will be ready because fitting that I I did volume
  • 06:00: known for performance lines can be used These are the labels these are the niches we kicked or pitting him PM too, so pretty thick if compared with the thickness and the color they some days are clearly the string you where you can have dismissed wound on HCS PM it defer those seams
  • 06:30: you do additionally filled to the bobbin so that the thread against hairpin turn so here we pull sniffing pay in the side and the machine top refuel sinks which you sewed and bottom I am doing finishing Now she Kudrin
  • 07:00: dressed with the usual and now we limit those Customers who have It was stitched usual thread Now we have to now we inserted coins are not line and was He was interrupted and Now we interrupted we take a substitute our product to you about
  • 07:32: on the reverse side a little go on Previous line We make the largest line 5 millimeters and try there first start stitch and Out of the corner reiterate the seam which not like what gently
  • 08:03: because the thickness great look here we did strochechku She shrugged her large it can be smaller
  • 08:54: Now prepare the lower part of the skirt the first thing we cut any remaining
  • 09:01: and ripped trained further work of the ex-jeans 10 cm wide strip sew denim details better overlaid seam zigzag stitch it simultaneously protect sections from shedding and allow create thin seams and thread for stitching You can select how and finishing in the tone
  • 09:30: cloth We sew them in two one long tape Tape will be from a cut strips from the remaining part of the the other 4 of jeans Second, we will continue to cut the ribbon once again on trapeze for this we add up trained the facing strip and seamy parties inside prepare trapezoid pattern with such dimensions 12 meters Omsk themselves side and 15 centimeters of larger side
  • 10:00: the width of the trapezoid will 10 centimeters and the difference between the narrow country wide half a centimeter and rationally laid trapeze encircle it me you first turn
  • 10:31: because it is this layout will handy if I come across the seam I move it a little bit and etc. chop fully two strips Now sew We sew wide Parties up the there's a sides to narrow overlaid seam impose layer layer 5 millimeters sew again
  • 11:01: sew them into one long ribbon in which will initially only go part the same color as the flirt and then they will gradually move from savages of old jeans long band sewn coquette spiral that you see considered to fragment from demonstration skirt connecting yoke behind and on the following a photo cutting on the bottom then begins sew a skirt skirt sewn on spiral
  • 11:30: likewise seam width 5 once to drag and right the number of rows spiral skirt necessary to align or spread it on smooth surface or the figure and then using patterns align and a final bottom style and trim excess lower section
  • 12:00: can be treated several ways to neaten bend one centimeter and scribbling overstitch bias binding sew lace or narrow frill choice method depends on fabric thickness a welcome opportunity length skirt and Design this video master class itself skirt belong to me or I Voroshilov I wish you success alterations