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▶ Life without advertizing. It is possible or how to clean advertizing in the Internet? We clean advertizing the browser - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Minka decide today we will talk about this irksome things like advertising how to remove it from the Internet certainly fully it is impossible to remove but annoying ads in mass remove quantities today we can we will consider how to make it as do it quickly for a couple of minutes Now it is not difficult done and hope the world today will become your
  • 00:30: happier, and so look so that we are friends first make the first thing we will do I'm prepared for it it is valid website Knight and her that I periodically look at the top we see of the advertising screen we see here some advertising here banners advertising here if we seek
  • 01:02: some songs here at we have the top of the Advertise here advertisement kia Now advertising or let's say we wanted to to watch a movie we see here Advertise here advertising information problem and prevent it We live in peace with Why do we start let's say for the browser google chrome enter run shop shop English
  • 01:32: we collect it from highlights It offers adblock plus Here's the adblock plus spread free press button set download it asks confirm new expansion click to add installation is it set
  • 02:03: more activate the function blogger lock malware remove buttons social networks disconnected from tracking but now try look the same sites which were used to ads only Reboot and after reboot the top advertising lost banners that were Here, too, were gone there was also a banner he disappeared there where
  • 02:33: let the music score update also remember google banner here 2 now here it is lower advertising too gone now here say where the film watch movie online also to reboot see that the missing this one with a banner this is advertising you All the advertising vamp shape I'm gone own bitterness
  • 03:04: what do those people have which is not a browser google chrome has a dog's official website org plus point on it It could be the same actions press set here chromium select Opera browser for you firefox internet explorer or android platform except that I would like more say what you need So I set up in
  • 03:34: Here Now in your browser mood settings extension of the blogs setting here included four list sheet antiadvertising Recommend site from dogs include but are not put all the sheets because it may reduce speed work's browser but I would like checked it even works with these ticks
  • 04:04: but fast enough I suppose disconnect these three look whether later advertising Now that's besides even if the setting you do not need from the blocks So you want watch ads simply extensions your settings browser, you can press basket and It will be removed well actually all Well friends pleasant place Like put fingers
  • 04:35: up channel youtube Comment on public page comments in youtube subscribe to subscribe channel to the page tell friends will be more a lot of interesting so I'll see you in new video up speedy