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  • 00:09: I am now Los Angeles is the first morning we were yesterday I had not arrived see the city and today we're going to San Francisco I until We still have a couple of hours he Los Angeles and we go back Now 6:00 was quite tolerable Breakfast now we go to journey to San Francisco Well finally starts in my series Video from a trip to the US
  • 00:31: He has toured all West Coast so there will be no video expect next series soon but for now we're going Storn San Francisco for that we got to the beach Malibu it is very cold ocean water so swim it is impossible to hope people already ride the body does not know, and probably very cold heap strange crowd
  • 01:03: and now after Santa Monica we We arrived in Santa Barbara where I acted most a long series of world history general all series and here everything is very pathetically It is fashionable look at luxurious waves beetles are out there sunbathe and generally admire nature are incredibly beautiful green I wish I could something to give grandmother to drag on giving the county will not Russia and probably
  • 01:30: me in this simple never be allowed to hear of anything here even tear off a leaf there's these people that crazy there is an incomprehensible pieces and the type is cool and never Ulta unbridled joy And now we We are wandering in search water because hot enough things dry enough hot short is accurate for store Diabetics here me about Rio Once you have 5 no
  • 02:01: be sure it is not necessary Here I am in the car Now I will go then all sorts of small and things are either. and you do not got to write strange vegetables all these delicious error is not tasty Supported Software Wednesdays I love it here perhaps 2 which must somehow drink and drink it should be will be in the hotel and perhaps even coco on pyatachek
  • 02:30: that way like this is my mini ball on kolesyaschih California aside San Francisco us we stopped in a small town called Andrew is like cute holiday town which not at all typical for US but rather European type but incredibly cool with translation is managed by in an aquarium tank mantra city is an the single most largest in Attraction as the town but if a small honestly this Aquarium can move into the light with any attraction any metropolis is such beauty there floats and if visiting cartoons Mermaid
  • 03:08: Machado and does not know what for him to hunt. of course incredibly beautiful I want to quickly go look at the issue Well I found them
  • 03:31: He plays for the country and telugu one trough games but most of all I here are amazed Here aquarium jellyfish this is such a beauty in reigned throughout the room Only darkness and light Based on these Aquarium is such magic this is like a fish of my dream but it turned out
  • 04:00: and the worst thing that 6 are not visible heat she somehow come in floor and not at all Borders feeling like if it's scary you once the fate will bring staff California necessarily Ride here is a small town mantra and see this aquarium this incredible impression seriously every hour by car worth it but now we go wave and I probably want to get into walmart fun 7 when there was a series south park I'm talking about the fact that there
  • 04:31: take the souls of children So I go there very I want to control tut tut Park This so what a Wal-Mart Walmart is normal grocery store the type of ours with you Auchan there is a lot of discounts Number of coupons and incredible days all that love Americans I turn it on the list binding sites for Visit sasha birds there like cool cheap T-shirts and tornado Of course, I think Walmart icon consumer of the US so that to place all orders but I I decided to take a T-shirt Mario also
  • 05:00: T-shirt with the Simpsons n pocket of a favorite Well our long road in sunny San Francisco proven itself finally we saw the most tolerant city all America is the typical vinyl starring also we ourselves show enchanted about this should the worst Island for those criminals to named alpha trace 6 going to ride kontakion he tram when there is a low very cool reply a period as do something that
  • 05:30: bangkok glaciers and it's cool just go here in the past the balcony I have to say that all these drums there is a destiny in the tourists San Francisco they are not citizens go because travel is very expensive and all this slope long ride you sausage in this trailer at all side chat something very strange because not all He leans on the advertising if his Two sausages on save a little somewhere there in San Francisco Labor has an edit frames cable I
  • 06:01: I knew and as always I bought helpful berries food but here more than chocolate own berries but actually allowed and cousin within the CIS I think will be a popoleznee now look at these Beauty so I would have be photographed simple is beautiful here at begins to misbehave a lot fabric vegetation that strikes me thread that was more in Moscow on so we can not be cold climate beaten to but now we
  • 06:31: all go to China Town look at the Chinese it is their ethnic Life was given the same let about how London It may be a bit different Again loads of stuff grasshoppers bags nyashka vkusnuypirogek We look at the shame man who transported to the machine parked it not parked that's what you need per month we have a woman standing there Cop wrote early check and saw not a guy check on indoor smiling two teeth woman always treacherous especially women police lose the right to take the car
  • 07:00: constantly Cloudy skin and of head angel shall go to It is my angel, our souls I can say for sure each chinatown any city of any the country this planet similar to the same there 11 chinatown sold to Chinese junk little thought Coons cheeks scourge to no bugs it is not necessary is not necessary here a pile of rubbish koshelechke socks boil the shoe
  • 07:30: hats are going to zatarivatsya here China and smells very Let these pieces do not you do not understand the kimono but I also need to general that it is better in Polish it presents for the poem diligent, and that's not I know there's a lot any strange only shnyaga whether it is necessary to drag Moscow I do not know I decided to run here Such are the small icons because thought that the increased role of the r7 eat so well and keychain feared not all of the shares so it is cheaper and gifts in my selling
  • 08:01: Moscow but it really really cool stuff apply to go on various licenses characters present people I saw there amazing that really liked where it is here where Bella Swan miss and please give Here is such a grandfather magnet failed them pieces because such these guys are famous for I have by the way friends and here a big bag because I would take small that even fit hand classes that
  • 08:30: it is necessary to seek and choose something You want to change it here in my word appears serodka woman was there dance she is now, I probably Choose a bag because you are sure need because I already not comfortable here such that's not very far caused to bow and I would have bought a very mil network if you combined with blue brown so is it beautiful one of the things pepper bow and truth bow I hate it is not there the night
  • 09:00: my luggage and I full house all fucking bags we What you Ozila mother Thanks a mother she did not take sites a small bag to It has been easier and even I have a small bag I send manually put in it all buy if there is visible here they asphalt San Francisco made Leather Edward Cullen is so our glamorous lunch We decided to try the local bridges a bread soup It called cream cheese chowder and of course the sea products San Francisco is the
  • 09:30: it is still out of our The restaurant opens nice views of alcatraz appetite I'm no longer there I about which I do not like Do you remember what I have tea not against them feed that sparkling they are good I love September just animals very brazen seagulls They shit is uncontrolled process it has not gone
  • 10:04: somewhere to go but take well Lord yes yes that but it is Please take in me bread Well, you please 8 8 and you take in her great hlebushek you are a beautiful sulfur brown eyes Churin playing for anu let us We came to look at I fur seals sure they are probably there are wild something like reserve wild they immediately talk secretion of ore each
  • 10:30: other because They want their Teles also broken down these suspects play and now we've come on one of the twin mountains pixels which opens views of as there is I opened it closed for San Francisco course very nice but I do not reveal that tumanki I can even like that's somehow All mystical and there is a very interesting people running exercisers San Francisco as the on a palm transfer rate
  • 11:01: because few Katz began beautifully with this kind of excess I it can naschelkat I do not have time ideas so I do just very well, of course San Francisco famous for it insert at the hills here, the constant Now we are descending now I'm not out of town know how our car capsized and it's all because we ran a chicken Lombard is the coolest beak sense of the street at wherein a slope that it even made the form of snakes for machines and because just in a straight line down on it
  • 11:30: it would be dangerous even entire Entertainment for all tourists with a Katz and of course this kind of also pass on their this car hill Honestly head just turned incredibly so you ready to see 1 face down as a by Lombard Street Well Well let's start perhaps at this steep literal sense moment her finish Today part 1
  • 12:00: my trip to the US coming soon next trip because our road goes of Las Vegas in the city of sins so that will be released soon the new issue if you liked current video put his finger I will be up very very nice and yes of course if who is interested I know how I got into US and what I was doing I was resting on tourist Beijing project used all Links can be found in the description is such project and you can or go to alone cool company tusit with a guide or even to go for his friends and hang out on specific from which you so that you will choose wait for new releases America I have a very
  • 12:30: much love left the same positive paintings and all you very sweet yet