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  • 00:00: Hello dear friend with you Jachin Ruslan Now when I write Video on the street is very good weather therefore this time record for video you Lesson 2 unpleasant and today I I want to show you and tell you you can watch absolutely free through the Internet TV online TV that is various channels that you can watch for free via computer connected to Internet and so let's go to
  • 00:31: site he Tiwi dot ru Link to this site ie below this video so look for the lesson you do not have it just go on it below and you will be to this site after As you go to there is a site to behold under the business category children go various channels which on some themes you Interesting fashion science Entertainment policy religious sports body
  • 01:01: stores are also here is separation country Australia Austria here Austrian and Conant Albania ie Algeria great amount channels most different countries even Japanese channel from five after anal here we go here Top channels ie it most often viewed channels rated at number Visits food and if we want to see
  • 01:31: any channel related to any categories for example we want music channel this push music and here we are now in the This player will be shows a music channel every time there is ie a different channel it is not impossible to Unfortunately choose specific channel the music here I Now put 100 and what is the first came from
  • 02:02: music will that is, to go messy but among the sample music channels also if we want to such as sports Now push the sport will channel the grief here we can put volume louder quieter that is, cases in waiting real time if you want to put on the whole screen just click But on this button
  • 02:32: then playback will go to the entire screen in fact that's a a short lesson we Today I received but enough interesting because indeed site very handy when you want something view and more forgot to tell you that can produce We need a channel search in this little window that there are simply enter
  • 03:02: click Search, and the list of found channels displayed the channel that you if you want to find there are in the database in this base channel great amount therefore likely desired channel you but you will find all the data Lessons completing his Yakhim Ruslan see you next lesson