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  • 00:00: For Vladimir Keller agronomist very center Belarus, etc. I tell you about the latest autumn work on vineyards Where do we start first with it affected leaves and sending complex breaks off All these risks bare victory if the operation performed green It will be a little
  • 00:30: if you're so rushed paste does not work assessment have carelessly tie shears like this untie You can multiply on the earth as long as possible trellis site if somewhere were sending but there released from victory in the second part of the end ie remove suppress run if my mom order Work your post can be just Sochaux minutes, but this year is very warm there still have something where we took
  • 01:01: but now here in this way prepare start pruning last year hsien after trimming we stayed in the court's order to the substitution Here is a short piece and pantry arrow which was concentrated harvest All this together is called the fruit link knot substitution serves to reestablish
  • 01:30: next year ii arrow fell last year here it is neighbors victory cultivation completely cut More Cheka replacement forming Fruit link for next year choose victory sinii possibly Escape closest
  • 02:01: to the base of the bush will knot replacement prune its short gas 2 Nutritek three four packs enough Pukach him but very year write substitutable grow same 2 victory here of the kidney which we had now fruit arrow longer cut on August 6 kidney one two three four five from June 6 say enough
  • 02:31: cuts windshield this is now trimmed fruit link will next year the basis of the bush do not store a maximum of modern large-fruited Sartana with large berries and large clusters require even shorter interval is we have not yet expired shorter deal just the start number of fruits links release can be increased in this case here on this arm that's all
  • 03:01: this dilemma we will do fruit wines here is one but it will be the second But Katya Fadeev as a weaker we cut save the remaining lugs on the same type forming
  • 03:31: It takes stock for the next year mote substitution box longest deal fruiting the basic principle people better than it has done for more powerful the greater length may be left weak victory or remove it altogether possible ie shorten the captivity
  • 04:01: the center of the town there will be more places This becomes especially that already next year with regard to user addresses suspension fruit It made it so to speak preventive scraps I can be called a kind of skolkovo ie remove weak victory growing under the perennial parts of the timber But from the base of bite here she is However, the summer Korea that is, we leave only
  • 04:31: Gold hem blue the only exception if we need a replacement hose Well let's say that a sound and let this one here we notice that he is getting older it happens through the six-eight years there instead we winter supply powerful victories growing as closely as possible the base of the bush but let's say so as it was in the guarantee when suddenly What the player of lost
  • 05:00: old-age and got a bad case overwintering then we will cut the hands of the very one-year longer Lazo and form in hands that is, we here about the length of 80 cm can be a little more Now that the winning master to replace aging or who came beating all the other based on the bushes str removal
  • 05:40: general creative brilliance business here much depends on how you yourself imagine how it will look like taste in future fruit links WHO sleeves located in different directions and the middle is empty Yeah person so in this case short
  • 06:02: In order to leave, he took by the middle of the bushes ie the same subject We supply closer to the base of the bush but there is little fruit arrow let's on April 5 Kidney which is then exposed to at kukolkina us in the middle of the bush takes this volume but did not form the
  • 06:36: similarly come with the rest who should apologize number of bands but taking into account the arrow and choose the best closer arranged to each other and stronger then there's this from the victories message so its four were That's the bottom again he sees no reason bushes
  • 07:00: all than replacement I managed to do there promise by volume if we here these here Lozovskiy contract but oh well, you will just be too much so also this department as you can see after the winter pruning remains not so much
  • 07:30: Grishina Well, that is less can be put into the trench and cover Here is the cut off for the winter bush of grapes is quite young amplitudes of three but it has, on behalf of all feeding arrow next year we will leave from the base another victory optional fourth without it will form another fruit yet
  • 08:00: one sleeve of $ SPU pound here is not received saplings planted this year Minimal pruning here as I have said previous years editions We supply a maximum of two victory them to grow to a maximum length Now this case there was so to say the fall occurred such seedlings cuts Only part of the minimum nevyzrevshie consider all as Lazar
  • 08:31: It turned brown it should be a little boasted everyone knows will only do part the rest of Nikolaev on the land if we are not allowed many pc after running a few errands at the base of the bush Choose the most powerful 12 the maximum rest go carve at the apex nevyzrevshie in Karachi
  • 09:00: enter into such a piece of let's call