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  • 00:00: good morning to you again us to himself flee style we girls today we show you exercises that elementary think do exercise on someone will do in the breeches so-called narrow hips problem someone will do in the thaler note focus on quality execution exercise Yulechka well show if the sun see ELBOW
  • 00:31: weighting devchonochka taken from I dumbbell if both knee is on the same level of look before you you pick up the wall Foot-in-one level with the body you work through More reference methodically us a priest He was standing and thigh and riding-breeches if the knee a little bit protrude forward knee lift here connects oblique abdominal muscles as a make the correction to do if I do this and so beautiful and there it is beautiful to know and lift one approach think exactly one approach
  • 01:02: knee to think you turn on the music that you like in rhythm to the turmoil girl different rhythms all the time and not drop leg raised detained lowered They raised detained dropped straight as himself there would be no such approaches should be done three or four approaches somewhere in the minutes of two half-housing is not brew girls exactly at the wall stand Now the world love to do emphasis on berry hours
  • 01:32: I was caught site League so it is one on his knees holding on one level and Radko also have beneficial vodichku so Here you can see both knees in one level 10 seconds and the topic was on the exercises at home everyone can find a piece wall where you can lie down stick change novechkam and wherein girls and We are working both legs and supporting it works whose movement It was
  • 02:02: devchonochka went to 1 a second approach leg and while the girls I engaged in business you tell me just a lot of you ask questions on which I can not written answers Now the advent of detachment of autumn as the topic of the day remove cellulite I have 15 years doing massages and so He said small nuances that house yes there is you do not have Does the presence of large stages of payment you masseur that you need at home
  • 02:32: conditions do note for how many years I just found this cream which is perfect needs Belarusian cosmetics Vitex note there must be It not is written as a balm massage cream cellulite cheapest Kremlin we have for so many years working me It comes against how do antistatic It can be much talk about some cosmetics The roads are good there cheap for me the main result if me I came to the girls
  • 03:02: they make up themselves they bring bring lima just 200 dollars and I do not see results and places I can say the price well there is the smell of it All anything but if comes the cream and I I am doing 15 October cellulite I think that comes anti cellulite massage and the method needs to be done such cream I try to live for I This money does not get write out for internet buy where such a cream and I I think here of Divine Klimov best if I had the money all filed for this cream abroad It is sold in
  • 03:32: tight tubes 4 hundredfold cheat ie this loan it acts as if he molotov cellulite Massage makes little In order that there should be well normal except cream this look There are pharmacies vacuum jar please lady's 15 minutes this vacuum Jar massage you can apply the cream push fingers in the jar represent and massage do here on these jars the way where not sell
  • 04:02: It shows lines massage which on who start these jars called local parents influx sometimes in the zone edible films swathe yourself girls ask to go three hours of plyonochku three hours and removes all cheap and cheerful 22 hryvnia worth Cream plenochka worth hryvnia think i plus when on plyonochku is here Here you are a tuba devchonochka change and legs vacuum jars to use hips naturally These are for
  • 04:32: diagonal movement diagonal soup blood vessel managed to escape the pressure and causes Disclosure of the vessel that it is cellulite Disorders of the blood and lymph circulation thanks to the vacuum pump through warming cream thanks to small microscopic pressure on the skin call disclosure vessels improves Blood and lymphatic that's you and there eliminating people yes Please do not be afraid He says and I'll get back pants can not
  • 05:03: overcome, I could not believe is if you look not only massage must do so how to say I the problem is based on the three pillars you are correct eat and train and Do yourself a massage Now of these three components never It does not take no the problem is not one health problem no nonsense and done one thing I have drunk tablet recovered I was there, I imposed countries It causes this complex always a problem here complex problem cellulite
  • 05:33: thing is you are correct eat and proper nutrition more potassium are products the price of 3 on 3 is you Why are you here if you there because much salt present conservation winter period longer than Sodium that is the purpose of the so the food it longer delayed in the matter of our the cells it should be their CONCLUSIONS potassium, sodium potassium pump cells exist more sodium substances included in cell less sodium more potassium overlook
  • 06:04: of the cells we should be from us thing to derived cells therefore understand raw food more Now he begins listen to raw fruits vegetables for less Stress 50 percent cellulite is stress and do not be nervous, you so the most beautiful favorite do not smoke or drink naturally and then we though you know and smoke and drink and thus be beautifully observe and do once brought We want to be beautiful lead healthy Life there is no need to anyone on the ears hang and tells you
  • 06:35: You want to be beautiful the string you have is not obtained love yourself and be then everything is fine devchonochka and the third approach three or four approaches one and a half to two minutes changed if you You want to enjoy yourself primarily in mirror Me They not even know somebody else if You'll like Statement verification is me It will be seen looking at you people naturally I will be with the same love to treat you devchonochka aqua postpone gantelki from statics and show
  • 07:06: whom you made on lift knees creating doing accounting post to heels with socks 15 cm heel with socks 15 meters become on tiptoes bellies dragged vacuum press keep it on small amplitude The first is when our 1 Level 3 times compress I just squeeze vodichku
  • 07:36: I pigtail released May I twice vodichku released compressible 3 training manual lowered falls slightly below, the second level 3 times at this level squeeze the buttock again shawls released squeezed released squeezed We are trying to let go tricks level 1 stings let you and sorry released on 3 clamped 10-ku and keep 10
  • 08:07: 98 7 5 4 3 2 1 shaken us elementary House 5-10 minutes do form knee will ideally this system It is a system beautiful slender legs very much like modeling agency its use and ballerina second foot position on leg shoulder width Pope parallel to each a friend in the court
  • 08:38: again climbed socks and repeat it is in this position 3 released salts keep the stomach in lowered descend Level 2 unclenched omit 2 squeezed you accustom be and where than if Member wrung 3 fellows third the level of pay attention to the third
  • 09:08: level so Low should be that the knee was right angle and went three times the work of Brother 2 I feet on width Shoulder 3 I'm glad that you this opinion his shoulders clamped 10 seconds We keep business here see what's going on 876 this is now perfect drying 021 Well done shaken girls legs see the start of one such recovery The next day two
  • 09:39: Now such thinking then three, and so on the third position of the Flies legs from Iraq wreath male sledak socks 45 degrees on tiptoes steel and now more than listen internal hip surface the first level of the body and Li 2 times two hall released moved slipped to second Level 1 and sorry They squeezed and then released
  • 10:10: Volochkova just nervously smoking in aside level March 3 see a right angle Let told 2 Please note there is no load on circulatory system as such in the heart pressure jump huge load It comes to life differently and many ancestors buttocks and ten nine eight seconds seven pay Attention three productions Well
  • 10:40: You start with single-lift 3 level you tomorrow You do twice get down rises to withdraw yes but leaves HIV This we have done in three different positions on lowering of one We continue and now second approach again legs together fifteen centimeters socks Stalin did not drop a first level 2 lifting 1 Level 2
  • 11:10: glue the and again up 1 2 3 We went every room released two released occupy time of 10 to 15 minutes 78 go somewhere nychku send worked but suddenly He danced to the other Send job floor. temporarily stood Said strain tummy and went past
  • 11:41: on mine gave it and while there are more girls do I have Now will show you how What gifts does coach happy My girls know that it is necessary for a healthy lifestyle cognac lemon instead dinner 2 hours before bedtime 100 grams of cognac take a whole lemon cut slices without sugar and in the shadow of thee
  • 12:11: collect and often not just in one gulp a sip of cognac two or three slices of lemon a sip of cognac two or three slices of lemon lemon neutralizes alcohol alcohol neutralizes citric acid feet irritated you continue to the athlete and so shoot you cross or competitions and fat dry it under skin to be it your weight category abused the forests but can not Sit fortnight 68 cm waist Well if you have large explosions spare
  • 12:41: leave pay attention to an empty stomach nothing else to do 4 hours prior to sleep boiled chicken go 4 hours before bedtime ate boiled veal for 2 hours before 100 grams of sleep no more or on horseback is not here Of course there you kilo there is still that it is brandy and lemon preferably two here since Lemon is not very I love the power shaft Only one lemon I want to lose World Championship America has lost 9 to thieves for 2 weeks at
  • 13:11: I had a ideal dry did not thought that I Bodybuilder I want Baubles Championship bodybuilding from this I only I sat on the tonic lemons we can not say that cheap can end choose any study three stars that is, it has to be well, you Today the world is not for the sake of I like the taste secret primitive medicine as medicine has to be engaged in a the sick perfect figure check for if you and now themselves work out look us on youtube dial anna kurkurina cheerfully am ask questions to television means
  • 13:42: phone call ask to oil ready to come to you help we are for a nation He was healthy and engaged with us I do at home beg you just removing themselves to you healthy