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Improvement and restoration of functions in LUMBAR and SACRAL DEPARTMENT of a backbone - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:09: you program flexible body we offer you attention therapeutic and preventive exercise complex focused on prevention and recovery spinal function lumbosacral separated by offered exercise you can strengthen the back muscles and eliminate muscle cramps and painful
  • 00:30: sensation in the lumbar and sacral restore balance metabolic processes tissues intervertebral drives improve circulation of region and gradually reestablish lost flexibility and mobility spine initial position lying on his back and arms extended along trunk legs bent and feet knees and hips parallel to exhale strain your buttocks raise upwards pelvis disclose the chest cage tightening perineal muscles
  • 01:01: exhaling smoothly omit the back on the floor and continue move along with Breath inspiratory leave in half bridge with an exhalation gently fall on floor try hold the foot and thigh parallel follow each other to avoid any tension in the neck, and nape of body weight It falls on the shoulders
  • 01:48: exit position the floor of the bridge and fix position hold for a few seconds
  • 02:03: exhale, lower the back on the floor open wider foot and again in the rhythm breath breath work half bridge exhale fall and lifts try over well cranking hip inside outwards with every breath more
  • 02:30: deeper disclose thorax rib cage tends vertical it does not stifle throat
  • 03:25: Freeze top stop
  • 03:38: and exhale smoothly vertebra by vertebra omit to the floor swear on the coccyx floor down crown up exhalation Pull the right thigh to belly inspiratory lower on exhale left thigh but inhale, lower from two hip exhalation
  • 04:00: exhale and lower the We continue every time sipping hip chest feel like nicely drawn small of the back
  • 05:22: open hands hand on inspiration raise right hip chest but exhalation allot thigh in let aside
  • 05:30: Twist in the pelvis inspiratory return bucket up and exhaling omit the foot to the floor same repeat with the other leg each time taking his thigh in let aside pelvis gently twist on direction of travel
  • 06:22: add traction naked and work only
  • 06:30: one leg of the leg bend take in the thigh hand outstretched knee return leg in flat Centre left buttock let rip from the blade floor are now the We are working leg in other direction leg pull to withdraw toward the bend
  • 07:00: knee back TASS Centre Now repeat the same with the other legs bent leg move aside pull back in
  • 07:31: center bend housing very softly not twisted resist and do not tense up let the body gently stretch and change direction
  • 08:05: leg movement pull up take his foot in side bend knee back tass in the middle
  • 08:37: set foot on floor with an exhalation compress tightens the knee to forehead on inspiration relax omit the back of the head on floor perform this exercise ten times exhale breath to shrink relax get down on the floor
  • 09:12: feel like pulled back and activates muscle belly pull the left leg open hands
  • 09:30: side line with shoulders left hand bed on reverse hip and begin push hand on hip hip resists and exhale relax a bit deepen the twist head cranking right on inspiration Pull the right hand away as you exhale relax and We continue with an inhalation
  • 10:01: stretch from exhalation relax and in the end completely relax and turn your attention breathing return in the center of the head return TASS Center lengthen camping coccyx forward pull the waist right leg pull left leg bent
  • 10:32: omit knee right hand on hip with an inhalation start to put pressure on the hip hip resisting and exhalation relax turning heads to the left It is looking to the right knee with the breath lengthen Xia left hand into the distance with an exhalation relax
  • 11:16: and after the next exhalation is already fully Relax and breathe gently return head return TASS Centre Look coccyx
  • 11:32: pull leg forward stop We laid on the foot and soft turn the foot right-left tears your floor move quietly slow very softly pull spine and remove tension and muscle tightness back
  • 12:05: breathe naturally and stress-free change position stop and go shoals
  • 12:55: put bent feet on the floor, place right calf on
  • 13:01: left thigh right Take in the knee side the opposite hand grab for stop and continue roll over once torn off right left buttock omit mind right foot to the floor and then left head left smooth
  • 13:42: stay on center switch legs the opposite hand for the left hand in the foot side and continuing perform soft and stranding side to side
  • 14:31: We returned to the center set foot on the width of the foot shoulders parallel inspiratory turn your knees Right Left head with exhaling return its original position breath knees right head left and exhale initial position
  • 15:28: stretch your legs on the floor
  • 15:30: put the hands behind 5 large head and fingers and pull exhalation Drains in length Heel stretch forward hands back waist clinging to the floor as you exhale relaxing and we do more reps his horns are drawn exhale relax Now turn on inhale pull right half
  • 16:00: the trunk and the left half and go to symmetric traction on inspiration extend from the right hand and left foot on exhale, relax inspiratory lengthen out right foot and the left hand with an exhalation relax and repeat one more time
  • 16:37: any move Put your hands down foot to the floor pushing your feet from floor gently tumbleweed swollen bend your place hand in spirit and carefully at helping hands rise in the seated sit comfortably with flat back
  • 17:01: owl spirit extends beyond hands up and with exhalation lose heart chest