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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I have for you one more I want to exercise today we each exercises to do at 50 seconds is sufficient long longer than usually we do 4 would then exercise we will make them too, 12 that is three you kind of circle just look at how will savanna I tried to do I show you rule that not even invented number 1 we do Dog muzzle down column layout and make the window will accuracy
  • 00:30: return with We come back here basic that it is important go back and keep in those 90 belly hands are at a distance of the width shoulder fingers maximum growth Smoking feel All your palm extend headfirst not collapses shoulders vanes Center Church of the abdominal muscles from this position look recorded dog position and then make a mage foot only here back to the dog and
  • 01:01: back to the bar and return is more No. 1 exercise number two will from the position of strips we will forearms We are trying for a long time view exercise the way for on and thence the forearm at a distance prices the width little sewed a man and a purpose and hence the width of the shoulders twist 1 we want to touch
  • 01:31: useful Nepal this situation remember about the fact that It stands just below the elbows exactly on the shoulders a distance of 7 or shoulders bringing his hands inside here are strictly parallel to each another 100 hands in a position half-bent knees Kalinin, does not apply floor lead to the pool dad We will tighten up loin looks keep up strongly signature curled
  • 02:00: feels After 2 sides We make it 50 seconds it seems to me to be the most difficult 50 more seconds We are going to do with you pulling his hands to this first forward strong stretch god hands forward show lunges back and hence curl from here on that other towards the back mysteries maximally
  • 02:30: stretched hands 2, first find position when you hold this lunge position goal to appear at that belly shoulders down crown we are drawn up lunged steel this will position Fix my hands position to lead it not in front of the buttocks here curled returned and immediately the second leg lunge show to choose
  • 03:02: strapped abdominal muscles also returned 50 second and final exercises should be position will starting position is lateral position lath We try to side lath and pulling away we raise the initial position lift the leg and arm what value ago hence we are making a move hand on you back with
  • 03:31: my position side straps here 1 max keep you here mage yell recorded Now did the magician I can show so it was obvious to those who begins to try on forearm Stop here pulling but you magician did change
  • 04:01: the side that did memorial side max and pulled change back to those who are most beginner or you it will be hard go on the field novice option leg pull arm leg from knee arm under the elbow and over the shoulder pulling on elbow force powerful magician steel knees pulled to lessons did the mother
  • 04:32: paul ii generation tried to make a our quality carefully and every exercise invest feel the press and and all I want to do yet he is the gas ignited session which is called Pardew furnaces Exercise Number One It will be a hundred times a hundred Bigova nothing terrible is not to run low knees that is not every body forward you to dance
  • 05:00: Belly answer here Press anecdote hundred times very well run cool right something not difficult but given than running with held high knees when we different senses I find it easier and deals harder decided harder to do and second position that will do Ninja really matter jan difficult for beginners and here we sit on ruts jump on the heel
  • 05:30: jet up again Korea Jok up to those who I suggest you make the situation squabbles here and pelvis back and do jumping up heels over the cattle, and hence knees up and up chest five times a I sequence I will do five circles write how many It took time and self
  • 06:00: I get the shaft I think that number 17 I hope for a maximum I know that I write the second die and I want you thank you for that you keep give me for your comments thank you for what you share your results training and what you describe everything that is Join now roots, I'm glad this is going on my Online my magic with. thank you for that you will be with me participate left two days in fact
  • 06:30: Saturday in Monday we we start our with you Superbowl training who will be online format is the super version I represent his life for to spend classes for this I'm sure in the future This and join us if you have not time to have another Indeed some places and I'm waiting for you at its website this registrations till