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  • 00:20: broadcast program question the minister Church here we are looking for answers to those questions that you send to us in our studio Today visitors buccal imagine minister of the church to
  • 00:31: steve Viktor Ivanovich hello Victor Ivanovic Thank you that you once again we have a question I today I want you to draw the He sent it to us Irina 28 years, the question sounds very serious relationship with in-law, she constantly interfere with our family life says that we grandson bring up wrong and here we are in our years it even It makes me a comment where I am going wrong
  • 01:00: I behave with her son but apparently with her husband Irina had simply no forces wrote to endure Irina if I try to to express their point view she immediately action responses to each question only its position only true give advice on how to yourself it just does not lead willing to listen to me and 28 years is very difficult give such advice in absentia is not being familiar family is not my mother husband
  • 01:30: not with her and with no one knowing what the family relations such relationships parents with children as is education Of course the answers to these tough questions would alleviate the problem give some giving specific advice and here but on the basis of of what it is in You know this question
  • 02:00: there is such a question try two concepts the concept of heaven and hell described in one word which words could choose from Coming me a question ask well if but I can usually I ask this question is yes there is one word which characterizes and hell and Paradise is the word
  • 02:30: family relationships It may be from perhaps yes but in the family can yes all be paradise It depends on the relationship like family members aimed at to make from the family hearth area paradise understandable that when people He lives in a certain society in some team in the case in the family to
  • 03:00: you need to understand that in family often need sacrifice some of his interests Peace and consent and if each He is trying to defend their case it is impossible to achieve peace in this family course to interfere already start a family son badly and
  • 03:30: wrong parents in one of the in previous transfer said that parents You must attend to right the education we your child to until adulthood He jumps out of parental nest that he knew that this it means to be a family man not only What are the advantages You will have a family but what are your on charges that you expected family relations
  • 04:00: if the mother is it certainly is not made Now it would be necessary already in the course of history to intervene in other family tried fix that they may We brought them to and so raised as we bring or other raising today Today another time this is not a time when we bring up their children today other technology today other relationships today a friend mentality today other priorities Poets society
  • 04:31: the old standards come today It may not be entirely surely something good there but something is not so you need good still remember that parents always and women who asked this question time exactly It will also be zealously Fortunately treat their children, and sometimes even jealous
  • 05:02: approached know He tells of a woman when she talks to his spouse and his girlfriend girlfriend asked well as in You kids got married how they live it will tell you I know my daughter well lucky her husband, and so he loves so much money makes you you know, even in the morning postelku coffee bears y as lucky
  • 05:30: your daughter on how to son is a son not at all lucky he did it requires a template many earning money and I also expect that he Coffee to go to bed wear yes yes yes daughter and so the bride's son Izzy They are doing the same thing but as for daughter if it does take well he loves my daughter and take care of
  • 06:01: it and if it is her son for the same care exercised by toward his wife but no daughter is It is bad but that's you exactly what you Now you say it just clearly from here this issue Victor an account of the issue which I still do like letters address here it is obvious that the apparently in-law have to be softer and what to do Irina has already He says that is not
  • 06:30: It can tolerate it already and the whole situation is very it's hard what to do if it is not in able to change mother in law is not able to change the circumstances of the guide diesel on you right you talk about what it is not known whether the lives it with them in one home or she just comes even more complicated if they are still together live that's to do in Irene this situation like it but you can do as a she probably does irritated and
  • 07:02: create a family the atmosphere here this Hell you need to attempt settle this conflict with what both let's say put points over her gather Family Council to to discuss this question but above all it certainly should discuss the matter with her husband and then already reach a common the family council to put points
  • 07:32: of e what mother could do for your son and his family it has to dialogue Council demand is only useful when he claimed if people do not needed advice this advice will only here to annoy what I need to do I am here took opportunity to give Council not only Irina but also to and mothers-in in-law like a
  • 08:02: Council did many young families make a lot of mistakes It makes mistakes here overprotection and attempt run for the son to when he stumbles certainly in time pad of levy trust nowhere kindness does not young man or damsel We must learn
  • 08:30: accept independent solutions but when they will make mistakes parents should be Patience watch they themselves will be their correct because so many here it is impatient or excessive parental love and custody ruin and family relationships people becoming incapable accept own decisions she raised a son and
  • 09:01: had his educate so that he was head of the family which will be accepted decide on its side He identified the husband the head of the family and he should make decisions and it should not now on every occasion try him prompt This is a separate the family is said to a top cut a slice is that even now It belongs to the that it should retain that they continue continued their independent
  • 09:30: life on V. you touched on just in my opinion very another important aspect one spouse is in fact it is a bridge between Irina and from blood and that is, his mother what role it can play may be he somehow is the situation in better with him Well here like it should just clip be here this role peacekeepers because he loves my mother so
  • 10:01: and despite the fact that his wife is not always obvious that daughter loves mother-in-law and is not always happy families where but it happens There are families where therefore conflict He as a loving and one and the other side of it It has a weight in the eyes of 1 and in the eyes of another jelly on the family yes
  • 10:30: and he must take this with the possibility of to help his wife not so rapidly or so emotionally react to some statements or comments-in-law mom help learn let the reins now how I independent life that he might like he must himself keep here in this situation, how would you advised how
  • 11:01: way he could Now take this peacemaking function because really you about This said, if look at this way ok Irina described this the situation is her husband absolutely not interfere in problems and his mother wife but it can cause that sooner or later, the husband It must be done choose between mom and between the wife if the young man
  • 11:30: well the independent it should take that the choice he will make in final Victoria towards the mother because that is said to have mom We have one more pressing in but I can only find here there is another side there is offspring reveal excuse action baby I would like to I I would like you ask again what your I think it it is very important that you just said that situations they can contribute destruction of the family
  • 12:00: if not make effort to ensure that put nadi point and everyone knew this the family role and He intervened and did not take the role of other human or not intervened to other powers personality or other family member if you do not put the conflict will flare up all farther and farther come to it just kind of wife supply conditions, or Mom and I you have between the front
  • 12:30: husband, you must if you choose it I've got more like She already said forces continue to endure is We have seen people already on the verge of relationship ie if not full of the half already in hell this family there and here just now must take the a responsibility man or Reconciliation of these two parties or for to divide Mom will live separately and then we
  • 13:00: we already live separately this will be our family and he must have the courage to tell my mom knowing that my mother already should not interfere forcibly in his family he must have the courage to tell my mother all that you could to I make you I did very thank you for but what have you done now it is my family and I want to be the head of this family, I I want to in this the family had since I I want to and not because you
  • 13:30: yes yes you want here it is obvious that my mother continues here this leadership function it really is What you just said apparently she herself said the head of this families here really seems Now you need to decide to all here It was in place well yes there is a type women who are leaders in family and all the family
  • 14:01: done in their guidance on their determining all of them in the family kept in fist under control their hands on but we already once in the past said transmission a responsibility parent education child to parents should give himself report that God gave child for to bring up for independent life and the son or daughter We should not be before the end of my days It depends on me and
  • 14:30: please me I should to raise him or her to a certain period of time to when it comes time it will create or it is my family, they could sensibly take a decision They were taught how decide how consult with each another so that these decisions were not unilateral to decision not to irritated wife or not the other way around irritated by her husband's This role in education parents and
  • 15:00: but it should have been It is done before how to set up his son family and in this situation, Of course, again, I I want to say that people Ask these questions and listen to our I believe that the transfer of is believers who read scripture and know the principles It sets out the sacred writing on the family as a must built family what should be the relationship between husband and wife between in-law and
  • 15:30: daughter-in-law between and there-in-law say so what you need do you need pray must first pray and what people to lose patience me this is a sign that a person does not pray because when praying and God gives the the problem in the first place God help them tackle in the second god It changes my attitude to this issue god
  • 16:02: It changes my attitude relation to the the person with whom I It may not always be I find common ground why not in vain svyaschenopisanii said that peace God that excels all understanding soblyudot your heart that is something which makes the Holy Spirit it soothes and we understand that God He directs my life he must lead my feelings he must lead
  • 16:30: my speech, he should lead my thinking and when we accountable to God and dependence on God then We are not stepping up to it time when the patience It ended and already ready to explode and when it goes here accumulation here this negativity inside themselves and no the divine divine relationships with each another sooner or later this abscess and then explodes all who suffer surrounded by so people are dependent family
  • 17:01: It will be a paradise or a family It will be on but very it is important that all We come to realize that in this paradise, or this atmosphere of paradise It depends equal degree from every family member and then everything should It is aimed at to do what is peace between We thank Victor valis thank you for your Council for the answer to so complicated takeoff question dear friends
  • 17:32: we are glad that you were this time with us you are welcome send your questions to us studio social networks we We will be happy to look at answers all good bye