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  • 00:11: Good morning, we are pleased to that you are with us and we willing to share again some the nuances of power and again in the studio I invited to our studio favorite fitness club I invited a nutritionist Alina Novikova and she we as promised efforts to talk separately not just when the course and dash themselves apart walk through the most
  • 00:30: topically to you Today we will visit with on the issue of breakfast it is not necessary for breakfast it is necessary that the breakfast we must also all tomorrow Country sorry country Tips dohera times half of the country on Breakfast and what valtec Well let others Ten percent of the drink Coffee and Cigarettes but the remaining ten percent of to move as we are with you are not on the sport I understand that it is not ready behold, there come on start floor reception food well that day begin but
  • 01:00: breakfast and It depends on man breakfasted blamed for a gui day feel and hudey 3 gaining weight how he some like you call a boat so she float here what morning start like this in this day without will spend how was it depends a working day the reason why you see Whether on when there is no tomorrow I started dinner do I want lose weight and nothing I will eat lunch at eyes are like some think less than at least I'm eating those no longer
  • 01:30: lose weight at the actually a very misconception because as soon as in our body begin to experience hunger All you then and you begin to eat Senegal stock is Firing is not as it should this organism lives Magnetic own pony fulfill your command you not you can understand it control Realizing this It is going on biochemical level on the physiological every three hours body immediately shocked and you do not want to eat not received power to you stock up and suddenly but hunger will die where it is necessary to take and they have the legs for us
  • 02:00: Generally it is taken carbohydrates and cells fat so when man sits on some diet or just sleep there with a garment you portion polportsii h 2 whether individual servings days before people on the scales to see the result top thinner muscles but not fat body lock the fat cells it is up to him planet by not eating energy no he did not just take your crisis and then once coming rings and starts it is not necessary to scoff of Aram and lose weight
  • 02:31: 35 km and after 2 meals like Rule 3 5-7 kilograms plus again not on a diet again 35 kilos thin 5357 plus and here and so they are constantly inform too please not to It was an accordion effect it is necessary to correct all keep alive about observe proper many of my meals customers, but you have at that age one if it all grit and if you choose write ideologically predisposition Well, she took Ming small In fact immediately
  • 03:00: I know if I I ate all CIP and unlimited Rep quantities too the shore is not owned I eat guys always Similarly, you can see the fact that you see the same thing I have my mother but most already big but I never She did not allow herself fed not so much my life style I want be here because of that and it all that he has to that predisposition it is necessary in advance It warns gold fat just as you see that in fact already beginning to full look like you if you do not understand
  • 03:30: that power is necessary, and you before normalize parents and children and just as in children now the same as the problem of breakfast adults very The popular breakfast for children the butter promo Let's hot sandwiches oatmeal juices rice flakes then to the country In fact if counted it to quantity nutrients this breakfast apart salt starch sugar no flavor enhancers anything you have view of all listed They furnished the track for
  • 04:01: That is because in his straw but you can not eat breakfast and zaparivat but namely a group which you need to cook and your suits only for those people that control if a man is located loss program weight that should be Kashin afford to can fruits and vegetables animals vegetable protein complex carbohydrates that as some fruit Only vegetables cereals for kan when food and people consume that they lose weight eat in the first the first half of the day
  • 04:30: Plus it's always fruit 3 times a day vegetables because need for fiber in order that through normally I go to toilet and getting more and nutrients breakfast is always regardless of people lose weight gaining weight is located program monitoring and Forest breakfast should be at least contain 20 grams the protein is at least necessarily animal vegetable protein meat fish lips scrambled eggs and vegetables if people who are located on program which weight they can use one or two
  • 05:00: times a week his diet red Che fish as a source of more fat omega 3 and omega 3 it for the love that painful joints 100 are sick and nudist I system necessarily known pieces, and People who lose weight they use source of omega-3 fats in the form of salad dressings and all the oil cold pressed olive and Flax and hemp vegetable oil but too cold as in any case not buy in ordinary here it refined oils it is easy for
  • 05:30: vessels with meters to just as normal vegetable oil cold-pressed in dark bottle of wicket in the glass dark place and chronicles do not buy big amount bought a small fast become issued because that's when my oil which advise people to drink and that and removes samsung community zhaetsya all the words of omega-3 fats and not if people take will use More healthy fats the diet's Omega three of the 69 they fully
  • 06:00: digest something oil will not go 5 oil level and also yes He digest but no matter how paradoxically it We treat our joints and plus our own as against historians spenders Fats are spenders cheap is not long stored so manufacturer Of course it but it uses a lot of they are the body can not split so here it is not postponed a fat in the the body but Breakfast exactly 20 grams protein that still lie on
  • 06:30: vegetables, and it can be floor manes Ruth Opal orange, and then there are those come on immediately Alina tell me why fruits with am consumed additional source of energy Quick Quick coals thick grass I woke up - we immediately before and naduesh simple such as sandwich buns chocolates hour and a half very fast digested sucked provyazyvayu jumps sata and complex carbohydrates they do not cause sugar surges assimilated longer even at the expense of protein is 23 hours need to need a lot of energy to
  • 07:00: his forehead renewed sense of satiety a higher post child like school so I remember can no longer It is not taken 1st some of the sandwich apple there and and there were knocks here as well as let's say Why jumps sugar what results diabetes Sooner or later people come to that falls into the group risk of disease diabetes is not a year or two is a 3 5 10 20 During the years of Cantal they all serve wrong poor
  • 07:31: pancreas to do not know much or little insulin allocate turns where tomorrow for people who lose weight and those who are full however expressed almost one whether it is necessary to do 2 breakfast if a person actively engaged sports spending a large number of energy or have well these people are not a lot but this category also have high revenues equals luck which you court fought a duel at the oars They may be 2 do not eat breakfast the first room you somewhere 200 300 grams of vegetables and in order to
  • 08:00: extend it saved this through hour and a half you eat usual breakfast already first and second husband gets to due fiber to come not to fast not that were hungry which later bore here as usual to in They then quickly glory through hour and a half is not boltovku good fire today and the girls walks whom you you recommend yes here for breakfast so she to wake up just buy the puzzle 1 overnight hours awoke in but I also like to During the 4 years of the I I became involved in
  • 08:30: with questions morning glass of water snitched and then always within an hour independent from tomorrow I will come in to work and food and training especially those who he there has been before training be sure to always and through it I ask, with the training so she I listened as the shaft One day I sat for an hour and there it stands does not Well, yes I to our workout breathe until the morning itself I want to get ask about that people breakfast that you are within an hour
  • 09:00: she was in the days of hard training of all school a piece of it can be a pair of filter and forces to the world and I timoteo here curd dishes 150 120,200 g depending on the needs of different proteins which may be in fish with vegetables it can be a piece of meat vegetables it can be an omelette be legumes and vegetables that is necessary something protein Bean will be long if digested intense and something
  • 09:30: like an hour before training please parents force the state is not 15 minutes before your workout with to bed at least for hour drink a glass water and proceeded track advance ahead of you a glass of water and prepare breakfast here I do not have time ready Drawing from the evening morning become warm up in principle Also there to warm up omelet or fried strands of the gate so all He took maltsters I did eat and please because then from Key worlds
  • 10:00: loss begins consciousness dizziness after workout in an hour the same type and write dota I've got two hours ago the call will be two hours before exercise and two hours after training who you forced and all advise mentioning hour after Kirovka we eat because for hours after we actively engaged sport ends all metabolic processes and we worked physical activity it is necessary to correct the course your muscle mass we again you have to eat no bun to me candy
  • 10:30: not an apple and a banana always something I hit the floor You can be put on or protein chicken or the egg a piece of fish at the end of all took suitable or easy sees profits stomach and the protein contains 200 250 grams 5's usually even where it is not coming definitely home if you need somewhere go take a drink temptation that I the house is not soon be sink and today part muscle cleared accumulate fat volumes of people will
  • 11:00: go to start hanging skin appear stretch and sooner or Vesta later he way today girl come head fitna which you I advised here Petros who ate she was glad that it is somewhere dramatically have you chosen right won 900 grams but it lost in volume the amount of bite 46 centimeter represent what we always say one or the other process who will ignite the only muscle if You are missing Dawns
  • 11:30: whatever you do whatever they elicited We come up that you do not a business you do not lose weight there is simply no material nuts who will be for it Only - a furnace firebox increases protein increases right now It helps finger sportsmen's who exercise even if they are not on training and all still eats at me muscles do not grow only what train the muscles grow and the next day and night when I sleep not because
  • 12:00: muscles shrink something not burn hay and when we have little muscle fat than many than dinner calories significantly nakushalsya I came to this roasted Pumped up by our Then again, I pump me just you lot seen here pumped such people the effect is obtained of the muscles under the fat begin then take up there is no result, they more years Ostanin engaged she rocked it rocking It has increased volume is but the accumulation of fat muscle just comes in tone and fat and left only the in terms of course
  • 12:30: all increased by fat are less korando change times tried everything together beach workout power people who eat properly and trains have weight is here to stay in I had this when I became involved in the well my weight stayed the but I also went to the volume greater although I do not reducing my girls always when it begins train from 90 per cent of Britain not losing weight in the first months you have to dress falls and gentlemen naturally lost 1 month of training girl lost
  • 13:00: the volume and then goes It has mass starts included in the second Guinness for all Now, almost a year I have long gained 3 a kilogram of muscle weight even though I did not was it your goal yes I'm on weight control but even the fact that I train and right after endo sage training I remained the same muscle always harder giraffe this volume the volume that the device until the end even decreases some things I APPLY It did not exist as of Forests are equally understandable if a girl It comes to the exchange of 20 kilogram of excess
  • 13:30: weight it clear skin may much faster more than more than a when creating the effect of you just have to pull up figure somewhere I pulled was ready then round by weight so that there remain lunch and dinner, we we eat every two to three hours not more than three, we not less we rest films and surrender lunch and Dinner too can have many ask I have them in the truth that you need to eat only up to 6 hours after six nothing to eat dinner each man
  • 14:00: individually Depending on how can sleep to rule the world after six do not eat I It's night and how adored and glass then to begin March 1 gas and wants to eat something it certainly is a big gap and the time 4 hours before You should be sleeping longer if you go in 10 all you can dinner 6 all if later there all 84 NATO rains ears, even for 4 and that namely dinners already distinguished men and female virgins dinner
  • 14:30: men and women Is the strong that number Only consume In fact, all people who want to reduce the weight Well now we will talk about the how to lose weight that righteous who coming train, not all they want you that q7 they are gaining weight eat day and night all that-whether proverb it can be dairy products but if a person eats for breakfast on the threshold dinner, I did not eat just one time seafood and vegetables any lean fish like home reproducer it
  • 15:00: fast digested milk he can be on to protein or whether Renata meat and mask if people use his produ balanced food they can, I to drink protein the same way I have for dinner cocktail through Two hours later two hours unless Well you need to balanced cocktails to such power they they live and sleep quickly get tired of it Helen back and feeling satiety gives us I do not I feel the weight on that's because the stomach that is low in calories
  • 15:30: portion of large volume he does not much sound He touched it and things I do ideality very good and fast if you do not have time We are looking to see us to th tube Nolin recruit Anna kurkurina I or our TV show cheerful morning if there are some questions on matters nutrition know constantly me Internet for the day and night same object watch the video and nutritionist will also just tells you search on site murder have questions ask a look
  • 16:00: on TV specified phone call on, we always We are willing to data true god help us having given us happy vinotti happy awesome