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  • 00:00: Hello Stas friends in this video, we'll talk We note free apartment itself by which you can protect your a computer and be sure fully for the fact that it is not imbued no fix So go to the official website these programs in the Ministry of Truth in country as usual just below will hours and let become more familiar with it see more 98 million users
  • 00:30: We have already checked protect your computer this beautiful antivirus but not by much antivirus perfect because Homeless antivirus and thought moment early look there is and the reason for choosing the game viruses friend why he protects our computer performance bonus that is awarded to various known antivirus company data
  • 01:00: you familiar with all of this with your friends but now let's housing but that big orange button download antivirus free motto for all major operating systems we love him missing all So CRR helmet We pass over nothing the window where we have to be destroyed Borrowings night where they say but
  • 01:30: installation file takes only 3 72 kg Antivirus loads very quickly and I immediately allow to make changes to my computer and establish Now we wait a little bit until Wizard will launch the news and to prepare all necessary
  • 02:01: would also like to say that friends this asset with all Russified that is all in Russian language if on NATO membership It seems the best solution So who put Rostik default but taking good conditions license agreement he asked to select free version of the antivirus more profitable to try internet security Well it within 30 days of when we should be
  • 02:32: poet we take this case, free version that available in perpetuity press further easy installation in principle, but we will set as well as the quick installation there can be look set gadget and lunch in 2012 let's prospectus minutes, rinse well made etc. so well
  • 03:00: business search service we have not will You can also refer to check messages in a hut click of a weather forecast In principle, I will not do that if you want to please make an easy style but very similar and we continue to wait until restored as you can see the interface program very nice and friends the full program taking off
  • 03:31: almost 78 and that any not so much especially for a little modern hard drives which now makes the volume which about terabytes of data Now they are much cheaper so in which additional volume place yes fire, we do not need we have enough well a place
  • 04:00: Our default hard disk so to tell during installation you see that frame-private Well, the main thing news da that is, what can this that is, such as antivirus scanning conceptually This saves both time and resource our computers the arsenal
  • 04:36: that is, when we did not use them computer go ryazhenskogo power consumption is an antivirus belittles his defense then Kaspersky years a bit nervous but that's okay Tambov official website by the way the main conflict is interesting should not occur bottom
  • 05:00: this article on the video now! for those users who for some reason there is no major interest I would not though as that to secure their a computer that is a version of the results perfect solution I repeat mid plans it seems to benefit best antivirus which can only be be
  • 05:34: there are very few times that we're friends wait program dies fairly quickly I I would say well as their protection when working in social networks such as such as you with a friend for the last time I heard there for the votes of the virus
  • 06:00: and there is the paradox of We need to say to put an ear peeled family ie Evans This antivirus will protect our computers of various types of virus download is almost complete Now we wait a little bit more go up all further fiber building
  • 06:32: product and preparation him to run
  • 07:15: that is, the hopes will be useful probably the Who works but also he would often guess the card I met even his friends that the stadium stationary There is a main computer
  • 07:31: interests but on foot they are so afraid put some out there enemy small yes and all but this really Andersson safely on major disadvantages which are at the moment and how to protect the work of our personal laptop computer trust where else
  • 08:03: it happens recycling again he had enough such tax process itself when that's happening is the final part we are now in every city course t Well, as it says here that could almost finished out there
  • 08:33: the program informs us that still need a little bit wait but went a break please created necessary folders copied the necessary files Now that is just a little bit time left my husband and I read them by the way is very beautiful organically
  • 09:01: his house software version of the text really long time when you view antivirus, I realized that all the same design then it is very important thing in any program so that is if exhibition schedule Russia it is convenient to operate stylish
  • 09:31: points help when At first how it grows your eyes it inspires trust but I'm just nice to look at really cool t m
  • 10:02: literally one minute on the set of the less we wait now! and finally did launch our product photo So thanks to charity Installation lga 2011 I will not be resettled in NDA program receive news yet I will not like trial version can be called on the main reason we did not suffer such the hands of Yes, I'm ready
  • 10:32: so antivirus came here we but as we see carried out immediately update it or as we see finally did, we launched advertising window program that is, there is no protection watch complete, we can fix it pressed button fix will now be
  • 11:01: provide updated adam swearing and yet but It is happening as we see in the bypass updating year we can learn the basic components but through there are sections of the file as usual components that have different components which can be considered replies Sodankylä the protection of the actor as well as ample Tass ska warranty protection e-mail
  • 11:31: analyzer The personal computer and the protection directly as self-defense Well let's say that you can watch the results of the scan history view that there in this case did not use scan tools a computer selected pack Colonel its file that is all very so unlike some You can also see
  • 12:05: see Help content if something is not clear but in Russian language that is at once all the details painted shown ie Pashayeva to detail max So for example, an active antivirus yes I recommend nothing I do not choose 17 no tick yes Basically, everything is right now!
  • 12:33: links kg and we are active m email protection active on rub cues possible way to analyze Registry Errors unnecessary files which takes 8 th place on the disk t that is, keeps the night here predicts now or
  • 13:01: directly considered analysis that is, as you can see watch components which will provide real-time protection digital data all you have to use a secure update completed by idol as we see friends and all we can boldly use the data program
  • 13:35: Tutayev with additional parameters I do not advise not without benefit, you can press a button Now scans either starts scanning that is, it marks the first scan for optimization yes You can press but why t Options with cameras that have
  • 14:00: look that we have but I think that here you can see Now scan through the computer so where you can scan individual files and folder if you suspected them so to tell it will be possible to select and launch the world specific Dad Chandler start corporations scan and it's pretty simple friends I am not naturally scan a computer I hope the human
  • 14:32: because she Kaspersky Anti-Virus well it is necessary to consider that the cancellation, I think we understood is the essence These programs are friends and you will be able to quietly Now let ensure the protection of your personal computer and nothing and worried until we meet with friends