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  • 00:07: for cooking samovar cold porcelain us need the following products is citric acid food, or you can use the juice ordinary repairs we It needs only only one tea a spoon as the most important role in making and as resulting porcelain will affect adhesive
  • 00:30: this work we suitable carpenter glue be sure to glue should be with plasticizer and that is, a plasticizer in the mahi or not indicates such Labeling is d2 that is, when you choose the glue have a look to indicate it combination of letters and numbers d2 and rear as the generally written always with plasticizer glue whether or not it is a very otherwise if it is important to will be used
  • 01:01: ordinary building Glue then move get crumbs and tough and we this not be allowed also need Johnson's Baby Oil cream nivea principle not necessarily use it do not believe the main the cream was bold enough needs more glycerol starch the starch may be potato or like corn Typically in stores very difficult to find
  • 01:30: corn starch so will you use for masses potato us also need a frame a small saucepan pannikin it is desirable that it was Teflon and prevent we are going to mass wooden spoon mixing The component starts with the fact that our pan pour adhesive glass capacitance 350 ml after it
  • 02:04: Measure out 2 teaspoonfuls tablespoons oil johnson's baby also we are metered 2
  • 02:31: teaspoons glycerol and one teaspoon citric acid for this type in spoon a little
  • 03:00: some water and pour several crystals citric acid giving a crystal little dissolves and then introduced into mass and wood
  • 03:31: spoon mix up uniform all state components as soon as mass became uniform stand with you 1 cup starch
  • 04:13: we also have a glass capacitance 350 milliliters, we introduce parts of starch and mix our mass homogeneously state so way enter into weight of all starch after all
  • 04:31: starch is mixed with weight we turned uniform consistency we We keep our weight 30 minutes for but to all the starch God after our weight, we swelled You put yourself on small ogonechek We give a warm and stir constantly weight Stir and and Merlin lights up Unless weight
  • 05:01: It will turn into a ball after we turned lump which is no longer sticky to the hands of the dry we are all full length nubbin passed on to film
  • 05:40: after mass He rolls up into a ball already we'll put on table about 2 teaspoons spoon cream is not a fan and knead our nubbin until a homogeneous dough In the way that the dough turned out as dumplings such Gorny
  • 06:00: rovnenko such way knead 35 minutes lump us result is such as the smooth if the dough into pelmeni Greene finished we you wrap in plastic wrap pre-lubricated cream is not faith or Oil johnson's baby plump zamatyvaem and set aside length lie down for
  • 06:32: day leave her with room temperature of the main that it lay in dark pancake ready