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  • 00:00: after fragrant gentle marmalade made from the fact that we usually just throw away and Lisa says Glinskaya it's possible now we will check hello bully I'm Chris hotels gift to try and tell me what is it marmalade-looking straight a perfect Gorny is not all there is no trust I will guess the only thing that can
  • 00:30: tell marmalade he some juicy bit Crisp's this it even tastier Manga is not we do not know usually just Well do not throw It is that we but threw buy just choose stylish Stack to wait if you I show that this is a watermelon yes it's marmalade watermelon crusts of watermelon peels wow this he Green is not the same He crashed in syrup he will not be green golunova market ska
  • 01:01: Conversely smoke mix frequent possession alive I adji jackpot in the net vitamins themselves Alla 10 times Eugene Turov cream market rich in chlorophyll all scale our blood okorot verticals Peter and my Acid balance of the body CCU part of the river cork core of it cool all wrought soon they boiled bus there clever European tracks restaurants and finds tables in my m surprised the unit Church on the rock of new rather with the pointer marmalade and we view we we are a kind and Chechnya
  • 01:31: Morozova until midnight with tank and today our Experts of the special for you right and a dance these desserts then let quickly we teach us to convinced that this possible and then all together try really need to get All flesh melon that is, to eat Argus so that we have Now sliced ​​watermelon as though we We are going and you have but not to spend much time we at this time have will not be if you suddenly got thick skins orgma some
  • 02:01: believe that this just some tragedy Now we will consider it Happiness is such need so that the cut It does not flesh left or Still let little will Krasnenkoe it we do not need Sushi How did you know you can out of watermelon cook cakes marmalade show me once cooked a marmalade grandmother and aunt then then as you are the one marmalade lost a prescription is not necessary all ceased to have forgotten that Do a couple of years ago I was in Spain tried
  • 02:31: something similar I asked this watermelon Give braking acceleration a phrase he's just very was well, similar to what I ate once in the childhood and I have aunts I wormed again this recipe marmalade and several years of business know him very comfortable to walk in guests where there is Small children Yes, and so easy to girlfriend to come with this jar marmalade more than it turns out that it is free marmalade but the watermelon's hand go pulp for the sake of juicy pulp
  • 03:01: so he marmalade a very long shelf life if you leave it in syrup is not here in this variant I already brought in sugar but if you leave it in Syrup can be in jars roll as jam Shiz for the whole watermelon it turns around kilograms in marmalade on to a to watermelon We got a little crust softer need it kilogram crusts need 1 teaspoon baking soda to fill it all water and leave
  • 03:31: 4 6:00 Here I am I will add here novernoe a pound crusts per liter of water We need a teaspoon a cold soda Vodicka and fill the well, and are ready to have Of course we will be you wait for the game the same certainly ready the distance to their need be sure to rinse cold water here ready the moment they Basically the same given konami basically the same but in fact, soda He has done its job merge the water into
  • 04:02: pot on kilogram of watermelon crusts need Two hundred pounds of sugar but generally begins yes it is he marmalade without sugar as Two hundred pounds of marmalade sugar but we if you just will not use will be in two stages kilogram crusts to pour some water that it covered on kilogram add 600 grams the second part of the sugar we'll add later give boil cook 20 minutes later set aside for 5-6 hours
  • 04:32: that is, usually I can but instead of the morning evening will It continues all in the evening the same procedure for 20 minutes We put boil 20 min boil again Leave overnight and then here it is that so mother puts on put a close who often closes We put the same tomorrow in the evening and just such a when Well, actually it It has done three times a the third time, we will add
  • 05:02: the rest of sugar juice of half lemon cardamom and vanilla sugar this is now provarivaniya drawing us We do to he still retained its shape Coupons preserve their structure to form but At the same time it right soaked it here syrup which cover you soak and its life he has is expression when youth there the desire to fool around they tried to be generally diligent girl, parents
  • 05:32: because without me problems I have enough in my life I wanted to be all still positive correct and less there is some kind of trouble delivering well that me the most is here things well, there is no Pope let me in there somewhere somewhere at disco they all go to bed, I just quietly capture it will be checked and freedoms as one time this was in the night I began to check the castle and yet so closed I seek the floor winter night
  • 06:03: it's only a skirt This short double he has come to me years then at 14 was I sat between then sister or pounding Well scratching because the blood that you mouse then not call set up while sister tube take anomalka Britain open to me the door in the morning you still uncertain received from parents Of course they knew Of course you know the probably frozen
  • 06:33: board case of need so at the disco like Lisa You know the forbidden fruit if perhaps allowed constantly seek and skin on would not want warm up janitor grow while going for meat My hurt was when Dad said that I I will wipers yet crisp watermelon let brewed coffee Let's drink to happiness it all starts with us I want you I'll just priests and the rope is not
  • 07:04: received My mother sometimes rope Sovereign rope was laundry it means to the first class and I have so they learned to read and I read and I in entrance living girlfriend little she over the shaft, and it was join a library and I have not been It joins a library Once I followed her stuck right librarians are not I believe that I can read and checked wrote me library in this while mom and looking for Nadia thinks that already some maniacs exhausted not three gods in library with me
  • 07:35: something come from library as it is now I remember this colorful book of poetry of Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak balloons to cover somewhere mom already with a rope, I would but it has received time very well relatives came from Chernigov and was it is inconvenient I imagine This situation was Mom brought me satchel knows the odds usually buttoned This is how these iron such tomorrow dance and now here such a trident which is inserted and as it is now similar and I
  • 08:05: my name yes no no clearly mom mom dad broke rains came our until the job there It is probably not do remember the triple daughter again I remind you that we the third time already set cooked crust add the remaining 600 grams of sugar juice half a lemon and cardamom would I have Of course there are ready
  • 08:35: Hear how a couple it's wonderful Now imbued respect for the right watermelon because we already learned and soup watermelon in the watermelon feeding and correctly watermelons but we have to choose just some watermelon happiness now the marmalade they see a fire show given to such I only state merged snow syrup best you can here Now after falling so Try this here he also has I like tverdenky understand what this I did smell
  • 09:05: tried to think what the smell of it cardamom and now that it is quite marmalade became possible take and roll Eat simple sugar imagine if in shop sold here is a natural watermelon jellies it be in the shadow of two tires Well, in this marmalade gelatin is not no dyes no thickeners here and everything is ready and we you admire and then try I'll tell you how we prepared marmalade of watermelon peels to
  • 09:35: cooking watermelon jelly you need sugar watermelon rinds Lemon water is not yours cardamom and soda watermelon rind neat and clean cut into pieces prick with a fork and put in soda solution for 4 chasa wash and boil 20 minutes in sugar syrup leave the mixture on the night of the morning re-boil about 20 minutes adding sugar this procedure repeat in the evening three times with boiled the addition of the center Lima or orange lemon juice vanilla
  • 10:05: and cardamom to translucent ready state jujube can roll in sugar Eileen for thou art with me After all, I do eat probably on the whole marmalade though I do not have Remember that very I would like you to treat My dear to us will all certainly I brought a lot of marmalades enough for everyone but before I did I try it again although frankly saying I already know some taste but I wonder when you first prepared the marmalade you I thought you He described his taste for
  • 10:35: I thought he was really very sweet in this I always try balance lemon juice Well, in the original recipe there a little a little bit of lemon juice from the center and that's just better still if you do not like very much so sweet this is cloying You know and lemon juice I balance this very important because Lisa says that less sugar than kilograms or pounds add two hundred one can not succeed just Ivanova jam up and syrup should be very rich in concentrated Well as of marmalade
  • 11:14: yummy goodness what have all the happy faces you know it's not easy because it is not sweet More and pleasure we realized that it is possible almost expending additional means to cook marmalade which several times better store I you exactly I say so use to the health of her ass and our hidden treasures