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  • 00:00: hi friends with you again I School saga name is Eugene and today our master class, we will because to help and peresushki for both poppies, we need Figure nori cucumber and sesame seeds to dryers have need nori cream cheese as paint fumes and hi and to begin with I to help prepare
  • 00:34: lay out on the sea Makis and publish it in Fig 3 cm and laid up dividing the upper we have a policy creature I division I leave the past [music] We put the figure posted Next, I'll take the sesame seeds it shall we have at least to the middle of the rice follows
  • 01:10: ingredient we will cucumber cucumbers on cut and the tip and to our rock very beautiful and uniform we Fit for cucumber length then your mouth just
  • 02:02: there will be so many that the filling is ready take here [music] and now I am like tips well, that's our rock Now we are ready
  • 02:35: cut it to to cut the roll we needed a knife passed droplet channel in ordinary water and on the tip of the blade on than the water leg of themselves Moisten and now I chop roll on six parts [music] we cut our with you roll and now we spread our I finished exactly
  • 03:08: I put on a plate since these rolls in We crayons for this I I lay them Sushi next to listen rolls and folded together in kits Listen, I'll take three rice lump [music] we take lumps about the size of matchbox and I now give shape to our drawing I clamp 2 fingers Our lump and rykov I am giving it an elongated
  • 03:39: [music] now we are our rice We will wrap on sea [music] will not fix two pattern for to our feet not wet Now we are going to
  • 04:22: spread filling To begin, I'll take Philadelphia cheese for the convenience of the cheese I Put in a pastry bag the reverse side spoons I'll lodge and posted inside service monster Apply evenly on internal part about the same
  • 04:54: we do with two the only thing the difference in the pain sooner than the class will it will be different shrimp and eel three of our drying
  • 05:32: now I'm ready putting on the same plate Carroll Well, our meal done in this you are prepared a small set of three guns with cream cheese and Kapa maki Stay with us on Osaka. RF children significant left [music]