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  • 00:00: I greet you in the studio and I was rolling Chabot the topic of this review, as do flat warmer colds very often we come more often than welcome heating season for many Unfortunately know the situation when approach does not help even a wall own apartment, we've been talking and care methods and make the apartment of a warm and way to the first note bad and balcony doors they They are a major cause of heat loss
  • 00:31: from the apartment if you have not got packages reached there best is make such experience reliably protect approach, and do not let the heat way to the second note radiators Heating remember decorative screen which they often stop stealing you have up to 20 percent of the heat and ti unless Tikrit external wall the radiator of the plan is to leave ideas often painting is also not the best way to it affects the battery
  • 01:00: thick layer of paint, heat transfer degrades batteries and the room gets warm difficult way to the third set and the system floor heating this type of heating is a number of advantages heated air It is evenly distributed premises which excludes the opportunity arose because live warm floor heating irreplaceable thing for the children way to number 4 is the insulation of the walls not only help you stay warm in the winter but also save Adjara
  • 01:31: firm insulating materials and make Your apartment is almost unchanged to the external influence whether that husband or a way to heat the fifth set and Autonomous heating system is yang cheap and quite troublesome but the game worth it when to start and when ends the heating season you will decide for yourself besides we finally You will be relieved and so loud bills Heating and I wish you to feel
  • 02:01: comfortable no matter what the weather outside the window