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Sugar rolls with nuts from cottage cheese yeast dough 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I will show you the recipe sugar buns nuts as a test We use the same most dough I you showed for prescription yeast with cream cheese dough I leave a reference and here above and below the video necessarily first thing in the dough knead and more Getting it lamination roll out the dough into and a thin layer on top sprinkle with sugar pretty generous but try not to
  • 00:30: overdo the way to sugar adheres better the test is better lubricated yolk previously I'm sorry that my hands continually be in frame and bit will be I chose not to interfere with the view but it was later on top I sprinkle walnuts nuts and rolls tight roll and then cut into here these pieces necessary width It should be somewhere on February 3 and
  • 01:01: even four cm and more see that we We do each piece the center cut but not to the end and gut-wrenching in both hand out It should get here so that's a flourish I am showing you again but again closing hands so please forgiveness is not hope that everything is clear and on all our I spread buns in parchment
  • 01:30: or mat especially for baking leave space between them because the buns will come and necessarily top each bun I greased and use brush with beaten egg and send in preheated to 180 degree oven I I think somewhere in 20 minutes 25 will be sufficient when the buns acquire here such ruddy hue of my We take out of oven and enjoy delicious tea with such
  • 02:01: fragrant buns thanks for all attention and pleasant appetite and to new meetings on my channel till