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  • 00:00: and now I'll make chicken salad Philadelphia cheese sauce whether do not be surprised to start to be prepare dressing room in the scheme will require the court found that garlic that will need to finely finely bad all the goods Be careful bodies completed and in addition, there will pass and I have to tell you how neatly because when it is in the center of
  • 00:31: and this exposed a few times myself news so make sure when you watch Anything but must stand attacks citizens visiting not on the street but the nails so they must be 90 degrees with respect to Moscow then you I never get sick of his fingers garlic shinkuem as low as possible in order that he gave all his size yes until now the fall is unclear
  • 01:00: capacity Put the garlic Thank you m add here a little olive oils We must give the opportunity to soak for the smell of garlic among finish the institute and substitutes side GDP while I patient pieces white bread tRIMMINGS crust
  • 01:32: and a number of other but here are the bros point so Glinka ready Now we add them Policy-hand garlic oil all so neat mix not to break wedges then we take the pan m and lay on him UAH
  • 02:03: let the shades put in the oven again steve stove level 150 degrees We are 5 of 7 minutes, we have to look Poplars have not burnt In the meantime I will prepare baked Goryanka the position of director of action and mustard olive oil need not mustard about
  • 02:31: tablespoon then add one housing court tablespoon cream cheese in the body this amount will be enough mix Happy gradually starts to add olive oil but the same end malt will need to add a few secretary-general Japanese bow
  • 03:00: it should be fine however the bed and add salt no 6 percent he is willing presenting his side Now we will have to I cook chicken breasts previously opened and now they need to be on the roads in the According to Tyhypko
  • 03:35: it now it will fry the sesame seeds violence began Greeks on the stove is not burnt l they should be when stirring occasionally Help warmed Now add here he stomach the same area to determine the supply as soon as I went to a fresh scent
  • 04:02: spicy seeds of this suggests that after the fire do not forget to get in the way otherwise the book burning for those who will be white East is ready I need to be happy to be events of the year otherwise fake container if leave a pan of the fund will be swing well, and the last component in this format, this Fair it must be cut
  • 04:30: on petals unusual combination of spheres Smoking apples petals spread the apple fall capacity and it all pour lemon juice to apples are not darkened they are ready I will not put capacity
  • 05:00: we will prepare salads pc Court add chicken pieces boiled choose the most beautiful essence Now add here became fattening pour specifics Commodity dressing and cheese philadelphia all these mix Czech Republic
  • 05:32: such effect all these sprinkle how yellow I think as this chicken salad you can add a little more t in defiance nazheg it will not appear if the cultures on hand you can back pistachios and others mittens let Petrov the charge should be fully to mix lettuce
  • 06:01: Chicken and strong Now with the help of these cats AvtoVAZ spread center plate and until we put pieces of chicken the Greeks and then the end of the spread fresh green apples
  • 06:35: about six will need to invest on top of chicken breast chicken salad Philadelphia cheese ready yet I wish you bon appetit