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  • 00:00: hello today bake pie puff pastry with potatoes first prepare stuffing 600 grams potatoes clean my and thin shinkuem strips add up the bowl 750 grams of onions clean and my shinkuem thin rings add potatoes adding stuffing 2
  • 00:32: half three tea salt spoon half or one teaspoon black ground pepper and two teaspoons spoon explosion stuffing mix ready to relinquish her side one kg of puff rapid test cooking prepared from 400 grams of margarine divide into 2 unequal part about
  • 01:00: two-thirds, and March 1 most of the to roll out rectangular reservoir thickness about 5 millimeters recipe puff pastry fast cooking and Fresh puff recipe from which you can also cook this pie please visit our site or in Russian under dough
  • 01:31: the rolled seam spread on baking portion 2 test well to roll out rectangular reservoir 5 mm and leave it on the table on the test bed at pan spread and evenly we distribute the stuffing top of the filling at desire to spread 100 grams diced butter or You can sprinkle lightly
  • 02:00: vegetable oil edges of the dough we raise the corners connect and zaschipyvaem on top Put a second stuffing part of the test as to roll out rectangular reservoir zaschipyvaem edge possible rope surplus and cut the dough We make them jewelry scissors or a sharp knife Pass topsheet
  • 02:30: Test a few places grease cake egg yolk and bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes at temperature 200 degrees Celsius and 20-25 minutes at at 180 degrees Celsius Ready pie We take out of the oven passed on to wooden board and served at the table in the form of heat as a hot appetizer or
  • 03:02: as an independent other recipes cakes and pies from puff pastry please visit our Online or in Russian in the baking section cakes cakes inspiration luck and Bon Appetit