Tatyana Solomatina

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  • 00:11: more lateral inclination Well although it northern regions base neck stretch progressively greater amplitude of movement
  • 00:31: further treatment start helix shaped movement gradually expanded The fact is that rotation five to six times the most important aspects and then also extending SCPI District 5 6 times the other side
  • 01:17: OK further rotation of the chin forward themselves mb
  • 01:36: and in the opposite direction good hands on process the rotation of the shoulders Boost exhale all what else ago
  • 02:09: We do our best to stash warnings the shoulders of the top echelons of business pashas range efforts in place warming up of four families composition but not in the reverse direction said about forgiveness
  • 02:33: further relaxed hand brush released home key attention between the shoulder blades slightly more active massaging thorax alternating stretching reducing muscles of the back and the other side forward shoulders body make twisted shield
  • 03:00: movement good for you and then hand pulled forward as much as possible parted fingers toward We are doing in debt strong pull toward Both raise the top duty pull side exhale down the further movement a little faster than us to four Audi Chemnitz
  • 03:30: Xenia finger divorced Further rotation of the fingers are separated aside and stretched more On the other side thumbs fist ah rotation
  • 04:06: the other side or limit doniem exhale forward More vorachovoy out change the binding of hands
  • 04:33: again a few movements is working hand wrist and shoulder joints Further we start hands behind his back fingers bail Inspiratory squat abdomen hips Only full dress Arkalyk reasons duty lifting
  • 05:03: push large cage forward out hundreds of brands Jemal park change in Poland cover debt squat departures slope high tensile shoulders spirit rise exhale push the chest forward
  • 05:31: stop divorce machine shame his hands on the buttocks of rotation of the pelvis Stas longer leaning forward On the other side
  • 06:03: further treatment Kalinin toes raise a ap roll with the large base finger on the outer edge of the foot before the other direction also with stop working
  • 06:30: OK thumbs folds hip yet unbending mg deer seizure of thumbs spirit when a penetration morning exhale tilt five times perform it going up in Alas dock
  • 07:02: in raids Nobody stretch back in the ranks of many stretching We turned around in the right foot two shoulder width along the back pad to lift up to 45 degrees developed Poland hands in front of him
  • 07:30: inspiratory pull yourselves period exhaling left knee outwardly allot the right to which he added that he was Andriy Shkil inspiratory above reasons Zurich charges repelled the tass Loktionov in debt on one line and without stretching, in principle, rationale behind
  • 08:01: the base of the thumb below in the party Pepper hands are badly stretched forward synchronous water right knee the seizure was the buckwheat More weight transfer has become a point tightened million 10 times lower than the new assets militia shafni final speech a new document from us
  • 08:31: and as well as from side to side that's what we fix the knee-deep water gradually deepening movement begins Primakov repair accelerate It would be better not to go down
  • 09:03: to another the right to raise in the head with a cut hand twisting hands palms page most Hamley US assets her hands theanine period stretching honors long hold their hand position squaring ahead exhale, squat Kalinin straight back out inspiratory body goes forward push knees
  • 09:30: back rotation sit below you its upward movement I have many firms as mother did not close his hands above the elbow straighten your legs exhale stretching Theater shoulders arms transfer another car ahead dollars exhalation press the edge straight back