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Cultivation of vegetable marrows, zucchini and bush pumpkins in the cunning way - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:02: hello today I want to tell you I second year grown squash zucchini squash here on just such round heaps matter that is the whole point It is here the creation of this heap and created on my very simple, I porridge grass and pile it
  • 00:30: in a circle in such a get round she had me on a bunch next year, that is, I spent a whole year pile on the grass a bunch of it it turns out here such round here and on Next year she I overrides it the top a little bit just sprinkle land and this land I am planted already hatch or sprouts and zucchini courgettes
  • 01:01: that's squash and it is done all here on one such very large flowerbed it turns beautiful a flower bed at the site and and it is fruitful that is, for families it just fills up I have the dough so many these vegetables for me personally even surpluses natural in my families today we
  • 01:30: do marinate and our zucchini and squash and squash go We are now collected and will be out to cook them snacks and different preparations for the winter as naturally very tasty course you always know roasted young fact not they are delicious when their fry garlic on
  • 02:01: skovorodochke here so that's a bunch of that can make each for not We need no manure land only need it grass you can mow where sake lead for the garden and so on warehouses one place this herb us next year at this a place you grow Here is such a beautiful they are on as this grass compost feels themselves well and
  • 02:30: I compost has become sorry to use codes growing as a said these vegetables and I decided to grow Now they just have to and last year's grass as you can see already the second year I have so if you are a bunch of look here here can turn then I will return preparing to teach next 1 already finished second here can be folded for the current and not only
  • 03:02: grass course but I he had to pile up cleaned onions here from bow to the feathers that circumcised here battles all you can put in the pile nothing wrong squash these so that's all that's watch and, in principle, can in his
  • 03:30: site repeat here Such are beautiful corners basically it It looks like a flower garden as yield bed even almost forgot one It is very important as if that is the case it is necessary make after planting zucchini and squash and so on to your its your flower bed necessarily overlaid dry as the price the following year she
  • 04:00: already starts around germinating weeds But inside I'm nothing not even mutated because they themselves squash themselves zucchini as you can see they grow very they will score heavily any weed but the edges so as not to weed and you see me Essien laid because you are will still be sprinkle it a little earth and behold in this land already Ask if the weeds and the top and zamulchirovat then the walls gryadochki looks
  • 04:30: neat without single around weed as you can see all and all amazing till