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  • 00:00: 7 Secrets south yoga stretching 7 complex power extensions in this complex DJ covered beginners and So I interrupted show intermediate and complicated stage I I propose to begin with posture head option hookah for this Bend your right leg and gently place steps I and the left hip try milk put on knee floor relax your thigh
  • 00:30: knee and lower leg if joints are not enough Introduce mobile all so begins act quickly and gently gradually relax the hip remember to tighten if you suddenly It succeeded in this position postpone knee on floor and I do not accept as the display and the sclera and if not yet cutlass hip both inside DJ shows he It can not be on a bullet his legs breathe afraid to raise your hand
  • 01:00: directed ceiling stretch, looking at big fingers marina and calm to give through the nose lean as a rear far away if your this limit is well stay in this pose not think the ball it's simple relax with time, everything will be good thing in yoga is your desire chin Shin made its limit breathe easy feel pleasant stretch lift years look at this
  • 01:30: Stretch lower bows here folded hands relax grateful to inhale Pull your hands up look at the ceiling exhale slowly and easy tilt grasp place chin on a mule stay there a lot maximum Well carries breathe it quietly exercise increases flexibility and hip length convenient and knee joint raise your hands GEL get lost see enmeshed in
  • 02:00: slowly lower hands ready to know grow relaxed place foot on the floor cinema Caution massage knee straighten ankle feet in front of him was a it, I do not Meteleva and put his leg please grant foot on the right thigh lower knee on the floor at this point you notice that since 1 steel It turns out better than it happens in the other beginners yoga It will balance the MTR shake your body quarry but not
  • 02:30: strain muscles relax and I lower the knee Ali put a stop front surface hips if one trying to sole thigh raise your hands Putin omurays slowly and without dropping hands back and legs at whole length for 0 his chin shin does not strain relax linger in the pose breathe Hands up Look at the ceiling slowly lower arms connect the palm
  • 03:00: and relax and once again breathe hands up stretch eyes looking at your hands exhale and feel like stretched muscles removing all listeners Grasp the foot one tibia and turnover relax in this pose breathe quietly and on the beam and inhale Hands up Look at the ceiling and lower the huskies on and cupped his hands and relax very well take a new massage Aries and ankles became
  • 03:32: down and right take a deep breath Hands up stretch the whole body Look at the ceiling slowly and carefully lean forward zoologists back straight also shows options for beginners do not strain gradually lower on your body limit first you get about the It is that not all worry
  • 04:00: stay in this They were gradually As you exercise can endure chin until I know not consider tense muscles just not the same this position he lift Ruta stretch the whole body point the finger ceiling, remove all voltage holding head straight for exhale slowly and quietly lower the body forward try touch gadget make clay if possible
  • 04:30: hard look cottages inhale, lift hand good to go and be found exhale add up all the atoms together both very good to us now will stretch many under great angle, spread on where the widest possible watch trees internal thighs These muscles were many you and to betrayal the right shoulders back slides right hand was take a deep breath
  • 05:01: Raise your left arm and slowly exhale your ear and right knee without stress breathe you direct permanent Take another hand on the foot feel pleasant stretch your waist and water will be fine form inhale straighten word drop your hands Inhale and slide right hand to the right foot Raise your left arm and prevent them from it on my knee
  • 05:31: move slowly lean left feel like at tilted away power of your muscle breathe straighten stretch and slowly lower hands stretch your arms parallel to the right foot breathe slowly bend grasp the ankle joint pull on the chin I remember my DJ show options Christ is the beginning of things inhale, lift
  • 06:00: glad to relax on enter the stalker or wine General dignity exhale on the tele shin road again very few do not get lean forward catch up that pony trochanter relax put your hands on Just right knee shoulders back deep breath and raise your hands and stretch the whole body and slowly keeping head straight back and legs straight bend forward lady around the can grasp the ankle and stay in this
  • 06:30: pose if you can gently zoom chin head in any case strain look at the j complex version index put chin on the executioner Turnover Hold this posture lift hands stretch look at the ceiling folded hands finished pinch feet shod Sit upright will
  • 07:02: stretching back Hands up lower stretch and royal and hold the feet and try get chin no pain inhale, lift hand pull give up and fold the palm of his very good you already We feel but better to sit down gently on the edge of going defuse spine and if you see all animals stretch themselves This pose is the cat
  • 07:31: completely removes stress your spine Put your hands on the floor in front of view catalog looking up arch your back do not strain Now scientists softly lower your head Dissolve knees and feet at a distance thirty centimeters the head should be our proteins do not strain feel and sits on fashion crushed arch your back you lift your head Look at the ceiling This pose is great relieves stress spine again
  • 08:01: lower your head bend the back of our rachid taha keep head between the hands and take a deep breath when you exhale for cats It gives flexibility consuming determination later it is necessary to pose straightens his swan Stay in the pose you feel like voltages revenue
  • 08:30: Let's raise oil straighten arms send a package ceiling be pulled Lower the arms and folded hands well relax now I will show you straightening of the torso this exercise strengthens the bottom part of Ogallala help from Governments but to fulfill posture you should sit on the heels if you get this case, do as DJ climb knees, put your hands
  • 09:00: on the floor and gently immerse berry chain on the heels if you try strain is not necessary your flexible soon I will return to you I promise it will come back if you manage to You start all these beverages and place hands on the floor behind chin and deep lift the pelvis drop head on but and Hold this beautiful posture extension free eye strengthen the lower jaw and Barlyk
  • 09:30: remove the spine voltage exhale sit on your heels Breathe you straight Now exhale close your eyes and fully relax on the lake dance routine and user inhale straighten drink sitting out We finished the sea