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  • 00:09: I we are talking about money Money is a tool a tool that allows a person to reach specific goals life which It allows
  • 00:30: acquire that It allows you to buy which allows sell which allows have different property and tangible part of life primarily in basically only property because you You know for the money can not buy misfortune not health not emotions feelings natural person It can be assumed that all cubic buy
  • 01:00: but everything is for sale naturally it delusion because the bought humility purchased respect But do not buy himself the fact of the process of question we not going to talk about moral issues money that they involved in the process the lives of people we talk about that fact represents money, how they can be multiply draw in his life, how they may appear
  • 01:31: our life even Of course the word the appearance is not quite true because money as property first component of all earned that is, they obtained in exchange for certain energy sales by certain human action is very important component and the wording of which is you need for yourself understood as if you think I want the money I I want to get money I want to purchase
  • 02:01: money that you at least to distort what is happening and how maximum will practically fully block cash receipts because the money itself are only equivalent and a reflection of the fact that you do the things that It happens to you and your actions with your opportunities
  • 02:31: all around us It reflects a certain energy and money as an element this world as real physical element of this world They are also an integral components have money has physical body the paper itself or metal from which they are composed and accordingly they have information as a component of minimum information component It reflected in the fact of money
  • 03:01: ten twenty thirty forty fifty units some one currency element that represented money but also certain meaning because at the same best 10 20 30 40 units you can buy certain number of other energy and other matter who you interested Naturally in the first all you need to tell mental
  • 03:30: information body money which first of all we cooperate because we think of the money we We think about what they are our life when we do when we spend them when we get them We recalculate all these thoughts all attitude toward money signs bills and to processes that tied to money greatly affect on our lives the first thing you should know better than that
  • 04:00: it is your attitude your attitude because the money before all tools a form of expression form act action committed in respect of any goods services and no longer subject of course not no need to think you have little money or a lot of money then what you are upset or what you are upset or something you overjoyed by the money you need to think about
  • 04:30: that process which you receive or where you have limited because it is a you seek him using money only as a tool so above all very important is your attitude money gives pleasure before give happiness but give pleasure not because they bring it well because that allow get these components of of the world travel trip relax somewhere
  • 05:00: buy some and the thing that you have been dreaming buy some subject and so on so on so on the is all that is in able to give you certain emotional constituents of
  • 06:19: the next moment of which must be said that greatly affects for admission and disposal money so called concept Ceiling money Everyone has a ceiling
  • 06:31: someone can win limited money for limited time suppose if we not operate with rubles can earn more than twenty to thirty thousand per month Now he can not earn more ten and one reason of the causes of natural not only but one of the reasons is that man can not state of inner to dispose of such the amount of money that
  • 07:00: for him to eat itself the concept of more money it gets Suppose 50 70 000 it is something that scares him that he would not a position to arranged in own life and own destiny because in addition to the fact that man becomes money as a reflection energy as a reflection own actions He must dispose of this and further notice
  • 07:31: attention to people earned money most or a certain part the money he spends on food in order to gain energy and continue on work ie Essentially the engine and money as gasoline forced to move but beyond human gasoline in addition to work a person has certain moral emotional aspects where he also must receive fuel and if People do not spend money on these aspects if he does not
  • 08:00: acquires for himself anything that allows him emotionally and internal develop a rest Naturally this is a very strongly reflected in cash receipts and if you pay attention to the same most Bible postulates day initially Saturday the Lord There are six days work one day rest dedicating it educate themselves Inland recreation the development and happiness of realization in
  • 08:30: around the world on more important and more serious depth and development issues personality of all you have to pay all It has a price to this must be accustomed as person or group people who produced goods made steps they spent their energy and the price of this energy is more important than it is in a person's life the above can be the cost is not accidental
  • 09:00: the same subjects antiques or decorated with different kind costs a lot the reasons for this money not only in respect of people to this subject but also in the energy that I invested in some exclusivity and some individuality because this energy quite difficult meet each step diamond worth a lot of money ordinary stones stones lying under your feet, and practically possible
  • 09:30: purchase free it is because for production for the same diamonds should be spent very big amount of energy So everything has to be pay the man their nature in their Psychology in its about money He is trying to save On the one hand it normal aspiration as a matter of fact why should I spend more I here I will spare and spent it elsewhere and for other purposes but
  • 10:00: the other hand driven by such emotions are driven such purpose he begins instead to spend time getting pleasure to reception certain emotional impact the money it starts to get uncomfortable as the purpose of his becoming not fun and joy greedy pursuit quite selfish
  • 10:30: dispose money from a position cheaper cheaper the cheaper it is very strong influence on supply