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  • 00:00: all around good morning today I will show Master Class clean herring so that was quick and completely out of the bones today we want to cook coat well I show just about herring that we You will need to rally. some sort of paper newspaper that is convenient when pure herring it can be immediately roll and throw on the board and the minimum will be fat and
  • 00:30: any rate here are my two plates or a plate for Cleaning and arrow at that we put our Philly Philly equal orphan means taking sieve bowl head start severed head yes there and overturn such manner or sponge day putter vegetarians it better not to watch nervous renting from
  • 01:01: it oh yeah we have a girl Bring the boy laptops I save there are better stores sequence action because otherwise it will not work so here's top is if the circle not show here such
  • 01:32: carpenter's but here and so we take and neatly on top cut off all the same already It does not interfere with delayed that take herring in left hand and exactly underneath the backbone of the ridge We do not notch up guests but just should be cut peel this is now up tail there skinning skin hooking knife necessary
  • 02:03: it all depends on why most seredke because if very fresh herring but right yesterday the skin will lifting heavy if herring seriously as for some time lain down here it straight like me obtained large areas on and immediately removed here If the skin we not with her the herring does not
  • 02:33: It tears as we it is necessary, we will later to overstrain To obtain part of boneless Now that million million Skog million bones and Now on the other hand patient Marko Livaja knife large presses finger We take pictures of roses hotels and restaurants
  • 03:04: worse is to give herring was on one long side couch potato Well, of course convolution we must examine ourselves the smell that she was Still fresh is that I say that lain more lay days Tarmo marinade and all normal it should be so Now we've got
  • 03:34: clean with herring both sides clear inside remains at his tail in no case, once cut We do not need the most important people in the net herring share his into two parts like this way grab Now we grab I share and now it is necessary to wrap herring around its axis vertical now I I show it to do Sultanate when all it is larger than show when she
  • 04:04: capsized here there is a tear Here we have showing and here quietly and most importantly slowly we start to tear a herring one half and he remains the backbone pulls the the second ridge half of the ribs there are these very here they are small gone good the smallest unpleasant bone Now here's bones fragile therefore it is necessary
  • 04:35: pull slowly lilac drawn Here is part of it at We have actually boneless stones if the engine They were so small Here it is here a show here a dinosaur It remains with crosses what we do with it, we it turns back back belly we already boneless we have this I put back and so vertically where we notched we take finger soft meat we allow like this here share holding along the ridge everything is here Range
  • 05:05: then found start his crimped fingers gently neat and tidy basically the same ribs and they Ridge perfectly separated Now they did not have some sort of cuts or if anything fractures you are here, we catch We received one of the clean and just as compress the 2 there is nothing
  • 05:35: complex there is nothing all heroic language just Range can be here all Safety check can stay literally there two or three bones not cleaned very quickly and just taken here so that's a knife on the wipe all disappear their bones are not
  • 06:08: climbs too ashamed for the most discerning how my lovely wife that the bones in the spirit can not stand for a it cleaning takes place everytime fur coat at home The concept is simple and no one is perfect You know it is swallows again I pulled out and very comfortable submit to the people's it's not sitting not spat remained intelligent people even achieve here now there can be
  • 06:39: tail, we no longer needed tail all removed the end of habit people deny it with head but we should You see what you need no tail I have not already, check It is certainly more Hand it longer it will all be inconvenient and castle of course you It will be a million times more Well actually all speaking here this we cut herring We cleaned can here about this cut
  • 07:10: any of your purposes of convenience pieces and put spread on it is possible to plate just it is already possible and pickle you can put in a fur coat who are being prepared than So tnank you