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Video subtitles:
  • 00:07: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today we learn to knit gum bandolier quite fit simply use only facial loop and some of the loop, we not shoot provyazyvaem recruit a multiple loop four loops + 3 symmetry and two edge loop I
  • 00:30: I gained 32 loops We begin to knit the first row of the first an edge loop we shoot forth 3 facial provyazyvaem loops do not toss before work remove the thread eyelet work knit 3 facial loop again
  • 01:01: do not drink before work 3 facial loop removed so we'll knit up end of the series not to work 3 facial loop removed
  • 01:32: thread again before work loop removed 3 facial provyazyvaem loop and the last bead loop we Wrong because we
  • 02:02: you knit the first number overturn our sample knit the second row of the first rented an edge knit 1 front Loop the thread again before work loop removed then knit facial 3 loops are not now before work loop removed so we are
  • 02:30: we continue to knit
  • 03:17: 1 front finish loop and bead Wrong because we you knit the second a number of now we were binding
  • 03:30: alternating between the first and second series we continue to knit finished knit our Here is a sample gum in bandolier we got it Gum us duplex It is very elastic and tight fit for knitting strips collars around Thank you for attention if you have questions write in comments
  • 04:00: Elena was with you bye Bye