Galina Shalyigina

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  • 00:00: start cooking with the fact that the yolks separates them proteins break the egg and shift the yolk with one half other shells so the protein was separated and the yolk remained shells proteins we be in the tank breaking the yolks a small saucepan proteins refrigerate c is yolks half sugar
  • 00:30: add vanilla and a good break the lush bright weight add here the flour milk Stir and cook over simmer on water bath until Unless cream thickens Now put Let cool place cool gelatin hot fill Stir and water until set aside a little salt and proteins whisk mixer until a strong increase in volume add sugar and continue whisking
  • 01:00: speed increases to get here such a mass of yolk peremeshaem cream stir well gelatin then complete it dissolution add gelatin proteins and good stirring the same here pour egg yolk cream and stir until smooth interfere slowly carefully Put the form and We put in the refrigerator gat at night We can admire decorate the top
  • 01:32: bit and now can cut our souffle