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  • 00:00: Yes Yes Hello dear friends with you again on Communications Irina bath
  • 00:30: Reiki master head of school spiritual development universe and Reiki Today I want to give your attention on prayer energy recovery, I very grateful to people who place passed this time prayer it was now long ago 6-7 years ago and I often I use this myself prayer and very often I recommend almost all all his disciples their patients
  • 01:00: use this prayer why here prayers for forgiveness Prayer for working with grievances with some with claims very but a lot of what's good this prayer than its advantage in many canonical prayer meet even the words that Lord, I ask and will punish him the abuser or Lord faithfully everything that to me now it negative to from whom it came so
  • 01:30: probably heard this sentence many times and possible and We pronounce this phrase but in the prayer we return all of these energy who came to us negative it does not matter from whom when why and why but then returns and not the original source already in purified form that is what happens when we return negative back it's like a soccer ball so you give me I'll you give me
  • 02:00: He threw a which then pile dirt pile negativity and I tell you it back on bullets willow and so on forever here this prayer he It breaks all karmic connection why negative because we We return to the abuser all the original source negative energy passed through the a plurality of filters already in purified form It is not negative and the pure light We have thus remove this one here
  • 02:31: We break the vicious circle that prevailed above us who hung over us who gave which did not allow resolved any situation and here Today I am happy to thanks I share with you this pRAYER It called prayer but energy recovery, I I ask my true creator all higher light of force whose help I am today
  • 03:01: I need to collect all my of energy with aura space bio-field from all systems and organs up to the inside nuclear in cellular level all the energy that I free or not consciously or unknowingly took from other people in past and present
  • 03:30: next please Collect them clean and pass through filters and return the to whom they belong I ask them all forgive forgiveness me to release the judgment of God, and I have all I forgive and let go on ordeal Amen and all the energy that I was given
  • 04:02: initially at the time of my birth according to the divine plan find restore and if necessary, replace and clean pass through filters and return to me in the past, present and the future starting this second, and forever
  • 04:30: Amen my true do as the creator It should be done right do as you should be able work with this prayer can not one just need to work a lot once too often ask how just need to read or how much prayer you know there are days such a general rules at
  • 05:00: As for me to read any prayer at all It must be so until you and vibrates to the beat this prayer until you not flood this prayer useless read listen to the prayer automatically when you think about something one background is prayer so no matter where you are listening to it or sound out Sometimes we read and I thought we walk somewhere far dizzying expanses so the more clearly you
  • 05:32: You will be able to tune in at the bottom than prayer more you can merge with prayer the more you and quickly come I wish you the result Good luck, I wish you welfare of this you goodness in this life the joy of love understanding understanding and harmony with other people with others to new developments meetings was with you
  • 06:01: happy to share prayerfully Returns energy but also small request if you like my stuff this click on prayer button to share and Share with all your friends which you think you must also this prayer here in general, my opinion that This prayer should be in a conspicuous place at each person because it is very important to learn learn to forgive let go of resentment and
  • 06:32: it is here transform learn to negative that to us arrives negatively in fact you like We have a lot but when we powered by love some situation dissolve this one negative it certainly well it is important to learn to do every so share with friends come on my sites for video description of
  • 07:01: you can roll find references on my these sites are active ssylochki will come joy to chat with you were Irina reiki master bath head of school spiritual development Reiki of the universe to I like new meetings you
  • 07:41: and