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New Year's snack. Tartlets with bacon  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you again a nice friend of calving soon comes the new year so I'm in my group created vote on what you want to see in the as recipes New Year soon we make sure to a professional you cook We have seen major dish and today we make that dish will be here such is the coolest pieces It called tartlets and a small but Actually it it is the unity of the mark which we find pleasure hypermarket carousel's two pain
  • 00:32: first recipe recipe we will have to bow roasted with bacon clear edge one is bacon It will also be a fish take at the end of both It called tax and it shall crumble into dust cut these things on and go straight cut but the operator against
  • 01:00: aypad when scan I can larva to slicing do not cut he did like this general tartlets Of course, it is desirable take bigger what this is but I speak because of so we did not find We have a very small
  • 01:30: dos product and that they after all, and rot well you fit realized fit in our wonderful it is about helicopters remove our essay this was the period normally cover starts to brown it is at this time we take next in I work and packaging We do so here
  • 02:02: like this when the bacon appears and animals so take our our bacon and chic in fact, too mesim it to dust
  • 02:34: women He became removes all cats do not always infuriates give me vkusnyashu still be able to plan type do not even know take it or not probably snacks I unworthy here on I'm actually the sword all
  • 03:01: strong enough I grind at you you know I do it exclusively because of the small the size of our helicopters because if you will tartlets adequate size You know such a size to basket cake but you You can do it normal size all these tartlets they are written that they are to play fry until onions gold to the floor
  • 03:30: gold it's time to add bacon bacon fried fast they really love We set high gas We start the whole thing Look, I do not perezharte this business but I want to golden
  • 04:03: without busting Toby tip here we us cooking rough withdrawal take eggs take boiled boiled eggs which advance We cooked turn them just such trash all over ingredients I say this by volume is somewhere one bacon one egg and onions and eggs at us China
  • 04:31: ostrich when called upon type double or great as a string cutting we have nothing we have no like that all live We mix our stuff concrete overlay strip separates us unclear seed
  • 05:00: Thereto was added 1 wonderful eggs already obtained a very appetizing it is but we can have take the cream this is my favorite on the no bag where her and gradually add start kneading listen here if
  • 05:31: you are very filling liquid head better add just before serving in tartlets to not tartlets They were soaked uchaschaya and juiciness was decided juicy and filling tartlets that crunched understand me Well, if you You do this for example for the new year with another in the morning but the day your tartlets become general so you do not understand
  • 06:00: is such a consistency but I try to send add a bit of fireworks Stand there for the salinity your Bacon will you add more salt and Knead this means he tartlets recipe very so tender exactly what has no Svetlana scientific shorter here but if you love harder it is safe to entertain garlic change and mayonnaise
  • 06:34: Try if that this will show you is too soft boldly figase great garlic we get not after her night and tantalite them here such Now micro juicy mega tasty snacks 1 year and perhaps it will roll number one so sign up Canal place Husky and thumbs up courtyard friends
  • 07:00: vkontaktike and all such as we are now proceed to manufacturing 2 types of snacks and make it private roller, see channel until all