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  • 00:00: Hello, let's with you today learn to knit carp rig why I affected topic because although rigging and It called carp but I do it well successfully fishing and carp, and even bream let's start the fishing line is taken is taken rubber stopper
  • 00:30: just like a video I decided to withdraw spontaneously friend It was nothing and like about a hundred perform this a piece of eraser here I did hole So rubber feet and which is used establish for fishing betrayed for long throw all find You see all this sold it to 100 pairs of tires, I even crop the in half
  • 01:00: to like minimizing tooling Shepsi company was so take a stopper pushes the line Here knit small 5 loops rub here an incision as possible less so we do not need and
  • 01:46: cut off So here we have 5. Now We take here here here the line add them and two sticks Here we silos loss I scratched poked so we've got
  • 02:20: that's kind of something that's this here now show rods so it equipment intended mainly for fishing with boilies or GSP persons but pepper me again It is not at hand It appeared as sawn let Today we will speak He plays the role of this one cap from the handle
  • 02:50: We have what we do but to have to whistle but pre-soak again as they are not preparation of all look in Internet and so we put on bait tightens take our stopper supply and with an ax what we have
  • 03:21: all take the hook accurately about away what so this will threaded end and what do we do
  • 03:53: 5 turnover of two to three times May 4 So again take tip Cinderella all deal pulled Everybody got here
  • 04:24: such uzelochek Now get us such as snastochka Well I want to tell you the police but other time experiment I make myself do as well, I take every ingredient again refer to the recipe Internet I knead it all
  • 04:54: world of mat tastes get me such a large Here is such a ball how well the dough I'm there I roll out and syringe I squeeze out well, he look how long I will pepper I squeeze it all did land So it turns out such type peppers learn all recipes found in Internet there is not plowed field also
  • 05:24: has finished in sale here but I basically have theta snap I use when fishing long casts but as the rods I no just for I long casting I take the Bologna I also incidentally here I apply it snap-ins for fishing
  • 05:55: on the feeder too well you you know well to experiment I do not mean scold me that all it looks like unaesthetic but to I have my main minutes I'm talking about shooting this video saying what you also ready, or It seems to be not aesthetically pleasing and stop and not the kin pepper and there but for the I convey important to the audience the essence question so to speak Here is a Microsoft like me always the case
  • 06:26: I am experimenting with it I go there for Karpikov Karasik or even bream Here you should always experiment try something new but oh well speak can be infinitely the main thing revealed It seems to be told refer to my channel new appointments