Natalya Borodina

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  • 00:00: simple bright humble and simultaneously open this summer dress should be original stitch this can be a part of no yardsticks and all with one seam at the base a cut dress rectangle mode armhole do luxurious cut neck gather on eyeballs a van style is suitable for any figure You will need one and a half m fine knitted fabric Viscose All beauty dress
  • 00:30: emphasize coupon drawing tissue incidentally vertical direction plant motifs make your silhouette more slender Fold the fabric face inside and sewn side seam leaving not sewn 60 centimeters for cut now with help here such rounded curves draw two armholes depth of 33 centimeters the one and the other
  • 01:01: that's the whole hand edge and cut our armholes treat armhole bias binding top shelves and back just make out piping We do kuliske of rep ribbons We sew it on shelf and back
  • 01:30: threaded gum tying into bow button can be try this any dress suit plain shoes with accessories more easier to add big earrings or you can generally get by undecked Olga nikishicheva first channel